Not Just Another Holiday

We just had celebrated Memorial Day. The meaning of this day can go very deep for some. Marking the losses of family members & friends who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

It's taken so lightly at times. This day isn't a day off for some, some people have to work and their celebration of life has to take place another day.

Inhale Yoga thanks all who have served and are serving our country. Without you doing what you have done or are doing, we would not have this day to remember.

My father served in the Navy and then got transferred into the Army years before our family was created.

My parents got married on Memorial Day.

In 1971 it (Memorial Day) became a federal holiday.

Memorial Day was previously observed on May 30 from 1868 to 1970.

Memorial Day is considered the unofficial start of the summer vacation season in the United States.

Summer is now official and time to get those resolutions in "I'll wait until the weather is warmer or it's lighter outside' before I take yoga.

It's time. We have put it off long enough. Do anything for 21 days to create a habit. Se aside one hour (each class at Inhale is one hour long) for your practice. Before work, after work101, evenings and weekends. Private classes available.

There are no more excuses.

Take advantage of buying a yearly option - there is an Anniversary Special - 15 months for $730.

That's 5 1/2 months free! Each month is $70.

15 months are regular price is $1050 - it's a big savings and offered until June 30.

You can 'bank' this offer and purchase it as a gift certificate to 'hold' it until you are ready to use it.

Visit the website for further information or contact Ruth.

No more excuses to give yourself.

One hour........ twice a week.

See you in class!

Register (sign up for class) here.

Pay here.


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