Time Heals

Does time heal all wounds?

It can cut deep,...…... heart-felt, .............it was personal.

The person who hurt you - knew it - and it hurts really bad.

We have to realize that some (most) who inflict hurt onto others are deeply hurting themselves.

They will lash out at others who are happy.

Your happiness bothered them.

Your happiness and peace was now compromised.

It might take a day or two (even more) to come to terms with the lengths that individuals will go to - to hurt others or our Self.

It can become a vicious cycle of hurt, blaming one person or the next for their hurt, lashing out and creating chaos in other people's lives since they themselves are hurting so much.

There can be a point of no return.

We have to acknowledge the hurt they caused and turn this mess around.

Full grown adults should know better but for a variety of reasons some do not.

Time to heal.

Are you your story?

That hurtful story.

Can you allow your Self not to become a victim of this?

Will you allow your self to heal as best as you can?

We never forget but we need to heal and let go of the pain that others have put onto us.

Otherwise we can carry it for years and tell the story just as vivid as it is right now for years maybe embellishing it to a degree to make it sound even worse.

We have to be willing to release it ….to a higher power....to the Universe....to God or whomever you deem fit. Surrender the hurt and learn by what happened.

You may become more cautious of this person in the future since you know what they are capable of .....or...….. you can walk away - leaving it in the distant past.

Everyone is different.

Everyone handles hurt differently and processing it differently also.

No two situations are the same.

Holding onto the hurt/pain can create more pain within our bodies.

Stress, tension and maybe some sleepless nights.

Is it worth it?

Your story, your life and only you write the next chapter in your life. It's always easier to go to the negative then to rise above and become positive again.

You haven't forgotten but you learned that life is meant to be enjoyed and bitter resentments are just that, bitter resentments.

It's time to heal and move on.

Smile again, open your heart and live the fullest life you can.


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