Lovetree Co Trunk Show - June 30

Meet Karri


Lovetree Co. is a Tampa, Florida based purpose driven, ethical fashion company.

Creating beautiful, handmade, high quality, fair trade products, including; fine beaded, hand knotted jewelry and accessories in India.

They develop products that create sustainability within the communities where they are sourced.

These goods are handmade by women who were formally disenfranchised and from difficult backgrounds and need of opportunity.

They have been empowered through an economic development and women empowerment program directed by Khusi Hona, a non profit organization who envisions a world where the cycle of poverty is replaced by a cycle of progress.

Khusi Hona focuses on a few key areas in order to see their vision become a reality. Those areas include access to education, women empowerment and economic development. They have current projects all over India and Nepal.

Their main focus is currently in partnership with Aasraa Trust working with the rag picking and slum community in Dehradun, India.

The program’s facility serves as a safe, clean environment for women with at risk backgrounds to come and be empowered through training, employment, and business development.

Together, Lovetree Co, Khusi Hona and Aasraa Trust work to motivate and mentor these women in entrepreneurial thinking.

The overall focus is to empower through skills training and education.

The strategic partnership of these 3 organizations provides women an opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.


Karri and Matthew met in April 2015. Matthew was working in Nepal on an earthquake relief effort with his non-profit organization, Khusi Hona. Karri wanted to get involved in supporting the relief effort by having a fundraiser.

She wanted to find a grassroots organization that was on the ground helping.

A mutual friend made the introduction and soon Karri was holding “Bungalow Jam – Benefit for Nepal,” in Miami, FL.

Karri and Matthew continued the conversation long after the event.

Over the next several months a friendship turned into a love story, changing their lives forever.

Living on opposite sides of the world, they devised a plan to merge their passions of social entrepreneurship and creativity.

Lovetree Co evolved from a small hobby to a full women empowerment initiative.

They married in late 2016 and now spend time throughout the year in India, Nepal and Florida, USA.

June 30 - Sunday from 1-3PM Karri will be at Inhale Yoga!

Come meet Karri, take your picture with her and look at her beautiful mala's.

These mala's help empower women from the ones who have made them to the ones who own them.

They are made with pure love.

They make great gifts and come in many color options to match your outfit or wear them for their healing properties.

The trunk show is open to the public and you do not have to take yoga at Inhale Yoga to enjoy Lovetree Co mala's.

Custom orders taken.

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Let's support Karri and what she brings to the communities all over the world!


Inhale Yoga LLC

6931 Commons Plaza

Chesterfield, VA 23832


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