No More Excuses

It's raining outside


we make an excuse not to do something.

I'm tired, we make another excuse not to do something.

I just don't feel like it and we call off from work leaving yet another excuse.

And more......

How many excuses do you make?

We can justify anything to fit our needs.


We all would love to sit on a beach sipping our favorite drink, on a perfect day, catching some rays.

We would love to have our house perfectly cleaned, the stacks of laundry or papers that we need to work on to be done.

We want it easy.

We want it so easy because.....we can justify another other excuse or reason on why we can't or won't do it.

Get proactive with YOUR life!


Relationships - we don't want to work on picking up the phone to call the friend/family we haven't spoken to in a long time....we're too busy, yet we make the time for someone else who is nearby.

You wonder....what happened to the friendship.

We want to complain about how are bodies feel, yet we won't leave the couch when we get home from work or

roll out of bed early because this is our only time to sleep in,

it's my time to sit and relax before I start my day,

to rest more - any other excuse.

Our bodies ache and we won't do anything about it but complain.

You had the 'plan' on starting yoga this summer.

It's now late July......what excuses can you give on why you haven't started?

Now you 'have' to wait until school starts and school will start and you find your Self 'too busy' again, it's the holidays now......yikes - more excuses!

If there are classes 7 days a week from morning until night, what's the reason?

What story keeps playing in your head before you can shut the story down and do something for your Self?

What is it going to take?

What has to happen for you to get moving?

When it happens if we are not given a choice?

There is no extra rest time,

you must go to work,

you must take care of your health,

you are forced to become accountable for your own life.

What is holding you back?

Change your life.

Create the life style you want to live.

YOU are the only one who can begin and live it.

Stop putting it on others to create for you.



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