Be Your Own Example



Everyone and anyone can lead, but do you want to?

Leaders don't use loud verbiage / they don't 'bark' out orders and they do not diminish your inner flame.

Leaders are teachers, parents, friends, grandparents, etc.

You do not have to run a business, manage co-workers or even have a job outside of the home to be a leader.

Leaders use love to teach - they will talk to you kindly


not use scare tactics to 'prove' they are the 'boss' (leader).


They don't strike fear in anyone, they build you up.

They lift you when you need a hand, a spiritual boost and have your best interest at heart.

Leaders are not arrogant.

Leaders need other leaders to help them.

They seek out stronger leaders to build them.

Leaders never let it get to their head since they know that their skill can always get improved.


We all know a leader. Not a boss, a leader.

Someone who teaches us by example.

They live their life the way the talk about it.

Leaders show others how to live in a more kinder way, stronger way and loving way.

Can you be open enough to have a strong leader in your presence and not feel intimidated?

Can ego get put aside to learn something more?

A true leader isn't bothered by a stronger leader, they watch and learn more.

This feeds them.

There is always a new path to take.

A leader will step out of their comfort zone and check out that path,

improve on their journey and then share and teach others what they have learned along the way.

A Leader will see it's not feeding your soul and show you other options.

There are always options.


Who is a Leader in your life?

Namaste _/\_

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