I can't because...….

I can't do yoga because:



I'm not flexible

I don't have any special yoga clothes

I don't have a yoga mat

I work single everyday

I'm tired

I can't get out of bed

Someone is sick

I'm over weight

It's raining

It's snowing

It's windy

I just don't feel like it

I have a hangnail

(ok I was joking here but someone....might tell me that one day!)

This list can go on and on.

How bad do you want it?

Apparently not that bad if you can keep coming up with more & more reasons why not then why you should. Right?

I hear it and see it everyday.

I want to but......

Guess what?

Most students have tight hips, hamstrings, glutes and everything else in between.

It's why they come to yoga - to learn how to stretch, to get length and strenght in the body.

A sense of peace with the body, mind & soul maybe.

Get your clothes ready the day before

(put them in your car if you have to the day before),

no special clothes needed, tshirt and comfy shorts will do,

I have loaner mats here, classes 7 days a week, private classes available, mixed levels classes, if your cold bring a long sleeve shirt, temps are set for the general public, it's not raining, windy, etc in the studio, all body shapes and sizes practice too

(talk to Ruth about any health concern) and the list can go on & on.

Every one has a different reason why they come to their mat.

When we say we’re practicing something, it implies that we’re on a journey to get better at whatever it is we’re practicing. In this case it's yoga.

As you get better I can make the class a bit more challenging.

(Depending on the classes limitations)

We work out the stresses from our day, from our bodies and work on letting it go

(if you could change the stresses - you would - wouldn't you?)

Ego goes out the door.

No place for it at Inhale.

I have taught and fallen out of poses myself.

It's life.

I'm ok with it too.

Students see me as human when I fall or make a mistake.

I am not perfect.

I work on letting go just like you.

I meditate and practice letting go there also.

I can be humbled pretty quick in some of my more challenging poses and on a rough day, the easier ones can get me too.

I keep practicing.

Why would I want to quit or limit my Self?

I want to learn.

Don't become your story.

See you in class

Register here

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