The Chronic Complainer

We all know someone who is a chronic complainer.

Nothing in this world can make them happy.

Nothing at all


so it seems.


For some it's plain and simple: attention.

The more drama associated with their life or event the more attention they can acquire.

For others: they want it pulled out of them.

The perpetual questions create drama


makes them feel like others care more.

Some complainers are very dramatic while others are the silent complainers.

Each bring drama, action...attention to their life.

The stories can get very glamerous and each time they tell it, it becomes more and more.

Silent complainers will feed you bits and details to get your interest peaked.

Once they have it - there it goes.

Complainers can suck the life out of you if you are not careful.

They 'feed' off of the drama either they create or you create for them.

Ever walk away from a chronic complainer and feel lifeless?

You're tired and you don't know why


you do know that being around them is exhausting.

Listen, everyone wants to feel special.


Don't let anyone steal your energy


give your self away so freely.

We have to 'catch' our Self and bring us back to positive energy.

Remember they suffer from lack.

Some place in their life they felt they wanted and needed more and created this to get what they want.

Drama = action / attention / chaos (or so they think)

Feeding into it creates more and more.

How do you stop it?

Become aware.

You'll find ways of knowing what is happening and not encourage the drama.

If you know them well enough talk to them about getting more of your attention in a better way.

If this is you, take the time to listen to your Self talk to others.

Are you seeking out attention, drama or some effect from others to get more acknowledgement?

This is a hard one because you have to be honest with your Self.

Why do you do it?

What is your life lacking?

'Help me understand why' is something you can ask them.

Advise them to seek counseling, give them a phone number or website to find some emotional help.

Remember......EVERYONE wants to feel



cared for.



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