Rock Bottom

Have you every hit rock bottom in your life?

What does that mean?

You reach a point in your life when you need to make changes.

I'm not taking about changing your hair, clothes or the way you drive to work.

You need to make some serious changes in your life.

People are tired of hearing you complain, your story never changes and life is nothing but drama and lots of it.

Rock bottom is when life falls apart for you to restructure.

We can hit rock bottom many times in our lives.

I personally have hit it more times then I care to imagine.

I had to restructure and make lifestyle changes.


The pattern repeats and you hit rock bottom again.

Rock bottom forces you to change


life happens.


Depression, moods or our lives take on a different way for us.

We don't and didn't heal from the trauma in life when we begin to live.

We become that story since that is were the attention is.

Rock bottom dismantles your life in the most disturbing way possible.

It gets your attention.

If you chose to ignore it, it doesn't go away, its trying to help you restructure.

Dismantling the old can be scary but so needed for the evolution of our soul.

We are designed to grow.

Take that leap!

We are meant to venture into the unknown and make changes for our growth in life.

Sometimes you are on the path alone and it's years before you feel you might see light.

I get it.

We ALL have been to the rock bottom place at one point or another.

We called it a different name.

It changed us.

Did you allow the change to occur or did you turn it into negativity and you are trying to find your way out of that?

Negativity is sooooooooooo easy to get caught up in.

It takes a really strong person to not allow the negative to come over us at a time when we are restructuring.

We are at our most vulnerable.

It's ok, is ok.

It's scary to change.

What would others think?

Do you really care when it's your life and YOU need to make changes?

You are living your life for your Self not for others.

Not for the praise or accolades but for the pure experience of life.

No one wears your skin but you so stop making others happy and go find your Self, your happiness and CHANGE!

Change is positive.

You do not dismantle someone else's life for your Self.

Their life will dismantle itself when it's ready and.....

it happens at the most inopportune time when you fight it.

Is life giving you signs to change?

What are you waiting for?

If you are waiting for a sign....consider THIS as your sign.


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