In the Blink of an Eye

In the blink of an eye life can change.

It happens that fast.

Trying to justify when things happen and how fast life can change.

Once it changes there is no going back and 'fixing' anything.

It's done.

Would of, could of, should of.....

How did it all happen so fast?

Why me?


Some questions are to never be answered.

Whatever the life lesson, its meant to impact us, shake us up so we can learn and you can be more then a shaken.

It can rattle your soul.

There are more questions as the days pass.

Treasure your life and the life of others.

We just don't know when it can be taken from the blink of an eye.


Some of you know my husband was involved in a head on collision yesterday off of Woodpecker Road at 6:45AM.

I closed the studio yesterday to be with him .

He is at home and doing well.

THANK YOU ALL for the well wishes on social media, thru text messages, phone calls and emails.

It means the world to me having you ALL in my life to support us during this time.

We all know this but until it happens:..... take nothing for granted!

Life is way too short.



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