Adjusting the Schedule

There are times in life that we have to adjust our life to fit another's.

Tomorrow is such a day for you and I.

Classes tomorrow will be only at 6AM & 9:30AM - followed by one private class - all other classes are cancelled for Wednesday 9/18 and the 6AM on Thursday 9/19 is also cancelled as of now.

I am having a small procedure done and after I have it done, they want me to rest the rest of the day.

I'm so sorry this is last minute - I was afraid this was going to happened and if I saw you in classes over the past few days, I have explained what was going on.

THANK YOU ALL for understanding and I'll be back to 'normal' soon!

(what exactly is normal? lol)

Any questions please don't hesitate to call, stop by or email me.




#RuthAnnDunkerly #InhaleYoga #timeoff

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