Hot Mess

As most of you know, it's been one heck of a month for me.

You have kept me smiling, told me jokes, gave me words of inspiration, hugs, care, concern and so much more.

I can not THANK YOU enough.

For those of you who don't know,

My husband was in a head on collision Friday, Sept. 6.

He's slowly on the mend!

Thank you for prayers, cards and lots of good vibes and love!

This is why I had to abruptly cancel classes that Friday.


I had a long time mole removed, Sept. 10, Tuesday

Sept. 12 - I was told it was cancerous and had surgery Sept. 18.

(This is why I cancelled classes Tuesday the 12th)

My mole I named Dot, she was with me since as long as I can remember.

She has been looked at over the years by many health care professionals.

I looked at her everyday, monitoring her.

One day, she grew an extra 'dot'.

I didn't like how it looked


went to go have it removed to find out it was a level 3 malignant melanoma.

Thank you Dr. Kitto!

They got it all!

What a relief.

I will continue to keep monitoring my skin and thank you for all of the health advice on my skincare.

What a hot mess!

Slowly, hubby (Brian) and I are mending.

Fall is a time of letting go and I guess we let go of more than our share.

It was needed.

Septembers now have a new meaning for us both.

We started out in a hot mess state but it is now ending with both of us healing in body, mind and soul.

THANK YOU all for your support during this time.

I am grateful to have you ALL in my life.


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