You can't make me

I have been called names, nothing bad - just enough to get under my skin and irritate me.

My life is private, as yours is to you.

I disclose as I wish since I do value my private life.

As most of you know, I had stage 3 (level 3) malignant melanoma removed on my right arm in September

( I have clear margins!)

My scar is something I am working on showing.

If you see it, you see it.

In time, I'll be able to show it and talk about it freely. Now? I'm not.

I will not have a reveal, I won't go out of my way to show it, it's a private journey in my life.

I am working on it mentally.... as to this is a process.

Today, I have more skin cancer frozen off my hairline and another mole / dot or suspicious area on my back removed.

I will wait for the results....yet again.

I am not a show off type person.

If you notice please understand I am still processing the event- as to I am now processing this removal off of my back.

It's a journey.

Please refrain from the name calling or intimidating me into showing my procedures.

Some people process this 'as no big deal.'


I'm more of a deep thinker.

I can understand that to some this is very interesting, and it is but....I feel very awkward to be honest.

I love the support with positive words and well wishes but intimidation & name calling - I don't have time for.

If anything it gets me on the fence and......I like to remain as yogic like as I can.

Allow me the processing time please.

You can't make me …. please do not push me.

Thank you for understanding.


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