Black Friday Specials & Cyber Monday

Wow, it's that time of the year again!

Where did the time go?

The special will actually start sometime on Thanksgiving Day!

(Ssshhhh)………. or even Wednesday afternoon....stay tuned and keep checking the website!

You will have to check on the page 'pricing and classes' to see the specials at the top of the pricing option portion of the class packages.

You have always wanted to 'try yoga'

Your life is stressed and you have made many excuses as to why not rather then coming to class.

Use the specials as the reason to.....come to class!

Students please read the etiquette page


fill out your waiver & release available on the page: pricing and classes, top of the page.

What is it already?







One month unlimited $60 (reg. $70)

No limit and can be purchased as a gift certificate.

One month membership $60 (reg. $70)

(For new students or students who do not have a current membership.)

see Ruth in person about wanting to buy this as a gift.

Contact me so we can set up a time on Friday to meet about this special.

Sorry no exceptions made:(

6 Months $350 (reg. $370)


6 Private Classes $350 (reg. $370)

12 Months $710 (reg. $730)

Multi-month packages are already discounted normally.

12 x $70 = $840 (you are already saving $110)




Unlimited means as much or as little yoga as you want in 30 consecutive days.

A month is based on 30 consecutive days.

Packages cannot be share, split or frozen.

You are the only one to use your package.

You can 'bank' your packages (memberships can not be given as a gift certificate unless in the same household since the payments are on auto withdrawal off your debit or credit card every 30 days. Memberships start immediately.

See Ruth for more information.

$15 x 5 = $75

5 Classes a month will pay for your monthly or membership option.

No contracts - cancel at anytime (no questions asked) but once cancelled it will go back to regular pricing at $70 a month if the choice was to renew again.

Sorry it can't be renewed back at a sale price or back to old pricing.

This will 'hold' your purchase until you are ready to redeem it.

Once redeemed the time starts to expire.

Accounts can not be frozen shared or split.

No 'holds' on memberships, they begin the day of purchase.

No limit

Purchase as many as you want


please fill out the online form completely.

This ensures Ruth to properly credit the correct person.