Cyber Monday

Happy Sunday, December 1 and Cyber Monday is tomorrow with specials up today!

We have 3.5 weeks until Christmas.

Time is flying by.

Give the gift of yoga to your Self or to someone you love.

Not sure of what to select?

Contact Ruth and we'll figure it out together.

Inhale Yoga Gift Certificates are available all year around.

Lovetree Co. malas, bracelets, Nepali brass pendants and more available at the studio.

Quantities are limited.

Not everything in the photo is available.

Cyber Monday specials are available right now!

By selecting this is a gift, this allows you to 'bank' your purchase and use at a later time.

Otherwise it begins to expire (30 days from purchase it expires)

Memberships renew off of your debit or credit card every 30 days and can not be purchased as a gift certificate.

See Ruth for more details.804-229-6961

Single Class - Drop in $10

No limit

Monthly Unlimited $60

No limit

Monthly Membership (for new students or those who do not already have a membership)


One year - 12 months of unlimited (as much or as little as you want in 12 consecutive months)


No limit

(Some employers will pay for their employees wellness - check with yours!)

Specials end when Ruth goes to bed Monday night

(hint - it's about 8:30PM-9PM)

Give the gift of Yoga!

For a happier, healthier YOU!


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