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2nd Dose - COVID Vaccine

Happy Day All!


I am working on the schedule for next week


I have all of the best intentions to have


fulfill all of my class times.

Why am I bringing this up?

(keep reading)


You can always sign up last minute for class but if you do - you run the risk of me either cancelling the class or it filling up.


When you sign up for class, you'll receive an email that says: This week is a tentative week. 😷

I am to get my second dose of the COVID Vaccine on Monday AM.

Not knowing how I am going to feel, I am scheduling classes but if you sign up


I do not feel well I will email you


close the class with a one hour minimum prior to that class.

Thank you for understanding. 🙏

Why am I sending this blog out?

Some don't read those sign up emails!!

I add notes sometimes to them.

This is one big note since it can change my schedule up for the whole week. (YIKES!!)


I have many students in the medical field that have advised on how I might feel.

In preparation for those classes, all of next week is tentative 4/12/21 - 4/16/21


I will try my hardest to have class.

My vaccine is Monday, at 9AM at VSU.

Monday evening and Tuesday classes are on alert first.

- If you prepay for your class and I cancel - I will hold your payment to the next class within 30 days of your purchase.

You will see you will have one (1) credit to your name on your account.

That is your prepaid class and to be used within 30 days from purchase.

- I will give you a minimum of a one hour window in case I need to cancel class due to not feeling well - PLEASE check your emails!

- I will do my best to have class.

I will open up classes for next week sometime today.

Any questions:






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