A Work in Progress

The Virtual Audio Classes are a work in progress.

I have done two more classes this AM for everyone. Since this week is a full week, I'll have more classes to add.

You'll soon have many classes to choose from. Each class this week, since this is my trial and error week, is open to a drop in at $15, 4 classes for $45 or they are included in your monthly plan. Next week, they will be only available with the monthly options.

These classes are not free.

I will keep this virtual option so if you go on vacation you can find your favorite class and listen to it, pause it to grab supplies, etc.

When I go on R&R is when I won't add any classes ( I MIGHT add a meditation - stay posted) when I'm gone ;)

It takes time for me to get things uploaded and figure out the software, etc.

❤ Thank you for being so understanding as I learn this. ❤

During this virus alert, you can keep your practice up or if you can't make it to class there is always this option.

If you have any questions, I'll do my best to answer them.

You will first need an account with Tula which you can create via my website.



Once you create your account, you have to be logged in via my website and when you go to register for class you will see the 'listen' option.


This does take time for everyone to get use to, and it's ok. I'll talk you thru it as best as I can.

You can purchase one class at $15 if you want to hear one class this week. (same for the 4 classes for $45) The class is deducted from your credits as you purchase them.

If you have a gift certificate, let me know you want to redeem it and I'll take care of it on my end. The good thing about creating your account is you can see how many credits you have left and when they expire.

If you run out of credits and you are coming to class, it will always let you register for class.

The virtual audio are prepaid whether you listen to part of the class (even a few minutes) or the whole class.

❤Thank you for YOUR support! ❤

Share this email with others who can't make it to their studio or if their studio doesn't have an audio option so they stay healthy during this virus time.

Stress lowers your immune system, I want to keep you healthy and happy.

Together we can get through anything.😊

Namaste _/\_

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