Blog VS Newsletter & More....

Good Day Everyone! ☀

Why a blog?

The newsletter once read, it's gone into internet land, while the blogs are available on the website. (menu bar)

As creator of the blogs or newsletters, it doesn't give me equal options as what I can put into them.

Newsletters give me more options while blogs are very limited.

I'd rather have you have the information readily to go back to rather then search emails for....'what did she say?'

Sign up for the newsletters which INCLUDE the blogs.

What am I reading now? A blog post.

This also allows me to message everyone for inclement weather or any other important announcements.

I love helping the community that supports me!

I am doing a book swap.

(I would like it to last one month - this gives folks a chance to find their books)

I am accepting books now.


Please bring books related to yoga, fitness, health, cooking (healthy), metaphysics and even books on cd's can be brought.

As I clean the jackets (yes I will wipe everything down as best as I can) and organize them on a table ........... you can take what you want.

After the event, all books or cd's will be donated.

(we should keep that good vibe going)

If you want to 'shop' the books but don't want to take a class, please make arrangements for me to open having a private book swap for you.

(I can do this before or after classes within a reasonable amount of time)

😷All COVID etiquette will be observed.😷


Donations of books:

before or after any class.

If I have a class going on you can leave them in a plastic bag outside the studio door.

PLEASE NO drop off's when I'm closed.

I have rules to follow not only for the landlords but as a courtesy to my neighbors and keep the plaza looking clean and tidy.

Thank you for observing this. _/\_



$18 for a single class.

Support a friend.

Memberships are available:

They are automatic withdrawals from your debit or credit card every 30 days.

Classes are unlimited and you can full access to virtual and audio classes.



I also do a podcast.

The link below is the newest podcast.

The Podcast Yogi

You can listen thru Spreaker and more.

I'm in the process of connecting to as many as I can.



I'm slowly getting the hang of TikTok.

Join me as I learn!


Class days & times

As I've said before, I am one person doing it all.

If you arrow back on the schedule to 2019 you can see how many classes I use to have.


I TRY each week to give folks what they are looking for.

Yes, I fail sometimes and fail again and again.

Due to COVID cleaning, I CAN NOT put on the schedule what I use to have.

I am putting on the most popular classes.

Times will vary.

Days will vary.


Why is nothing consistent?

I am condensing that HUGE schedule down into a week or weeks.

It's impossible to condense that old schedule & clean into what we once knew.

Some class times are completely gone, while others will change from week to week.

One day an 11AM can be on a Thursday and the next week a Monday.

It changes.

WHY? I have more folks that want to experience that class also.

I'm trying.

I am not trying to be difficult or give you a hard time.


There are only so many days in a week and hours in a day.

What I know what doesn't work at my studio: afternoon classes.

I'd like to add an afternoon class.

Please comment publicly.

(style of class, day and time)

This allows others to see what people are asking for.


No comments....I tried.

I'm also looking for approx. 4-5 people on a consistent basis for that new time slot.

PLEASE remember that I still NEED to observe all cleaning & I'd like a lunch hour too ;)


THANK YOU all for supporting the studio !

All classes purchased helps keep the doors open!