Captains Log Star-date 98005.96

I had to google how to create a Stardate.

It's starting to feel either like The Twilight Zone, Ground Hog Day (the movie), a bad dream.....or we're about to be taken away on The Starship Enterprise.

I have to admit, this has been life changing to say the least. You find yourself trying to find and purchase at crazy prices hand sanitizer, face masks, etc. People on social media fighting over freedom of not having to wear a mask to those with health issues begging folks to wear them.

I'm gathering supplies as best a I can for a hopeful opening in June.

I have gotten many emails telling me that other fitness places are open.


According to the Governor I am not suppose to be open.

People are getting fed up and want out, but not to the expense of my health or the person next to you. We have to be smart about this. This is not forever and YES it IS testing us and some are failing miserably.

I have just recently purchased for the studio a high end air purifier (those donations helped purchase this and pay part of the rent for a month - yep it's all spent - that quick and ❤ I THANK YOU greatly for your contributions ❤) to help eliminate bacteria, etc. I'm a trying to keep us all healthy.

Until we are given the ok to open indoor fitness and yes I couldn't agree more, yoga is MORE than fitness, but we can't argue at this time.

There are no standards to have group 'exercise' yet in quarantine. No health/fitness business knows what exactly to do. Others have guidelines. Yes, we'll be 6 feet apart, are we suppose to wear masks or not? What as a business owner what am I suppose to do? How safe to people really feel coming back now? Students can tell me they are ready but when it comes right down to it, they are not. I will have a very soft opening. NOT all classes will be available, please understand.

Please read my blog prior to this one for some standards to be set in place when we reopen. I will follow up in a newsletter for our new guidelines. All new rules must be adhered to or else you can not practice that day. I'm sorry but it has to be this way to keep you safe.

The longer we don't comply, the longer we have to wait.

Some us are complying and a few have had enough.

I can't blame them but we need to make sure we are smart about our choices.

As the chart shows from the Governor it clearly states I am to be closed.

If you have a grassy field/yard, tree covered, and the weather is great we can have 10 people get together for class.

This also includes at no cost: bugs, humidity and possibly a dirty mat and a dirty you (sunglasses might be required) at no extra cost.

Send me the information and let's see what I can come up with.

I have created a COVID 19 page on the website. This also has some health information on it and I hope you find it useful. If you stop by the studio take a photo and send it to me. I'll post it with the others on the covid page. (masks are your option)


Your donations are greatly appreciated. You can donate thru FB until June 10 or thru the website under purchase (options).

What did you do with my donation?

ALL donations went to help pay partial rent for a month and buy an air purifier for the studio. I can not thank you enough.

You are helping to keep a small business alive.

Please share with your friends / family if they are looking for a reputable place to donate and help out the yoga community.

We'll get thru this.

All for one and one for ALL.

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