Change in Class Title &....the encounter


To keep things fresh, the 6AM Wake Up class is still the 6AM Wake Up but with a new name...The 6AM Club. Why? …….Why not?

Keeps things fresh and we pay attention to the schedule and any other changes and staying mindful of our actions. This change will begin in February 2020 and is reflected on the electronic sign up calendar but not on the printable pdf. Please make note. _/\_

The Encounter

Yesterday was a great day, the weather, I had the whole day off and the last day of my three day hiatus this month.

Hubby and I decided to get some new bed linens and encountered 4 young teens at a store who decided to....antagonize, harass, bother us in our purchase.

No sales people around anywhere, no security anywhere and the verbalization began as they decided to reek havoc in the store. Seriously? Who does this? I guess some bored kids who wanted to make us feel uncomfortable and yet finally when someone came over, scattered and ran throughout the store aimlessly.


There is no reasoning with immaturity. They mentally couldn't grasp what was being said to them to 'make them go away'. They had an agenda and fulfilled it (at that time). Who knows what it would of lead to, if the sales person wouldn't have shown up.

My old retail days set in and you soon realize being on the other end of verbal lashing isn't fun. You are poked and prodded with words of very young kids who know what they are doing .....but have no clue what they are doing. You would think that they would of known better and you can see it one kids eye's that they knew they should leave but the 3 others decided differently. Hubby with his former training in the PD was a voice of reason. There was no reasoning, the calmer you are the louder this one got. The stores now are cutting back on sales staff and security since shopping at brick and mortar locations are becoming more obsolete. Online is the thing, but some of us still like to see what we are buying, feeling the fabric and decided in person rather then looking at a photo to purchase. Remember this employs others (keeps the economy healthy).


Why did it happen? We don't know why we got targeted in life but it did happen and no physical harm happened. But it did make us leave this location and start our search all over again after we took all that time to figure out what we wanted.........again.

I thought about this AM (didn't lose sleep over it) and realized troubled souls will reach out for some attention, any attention since they can't figure out how else to get it. You definitely know who had the louder mouth, thinking that is one troubled young soul. Hopefully, one day they will get the attention they are looking for. This wasn't new for these 4, this was something they were skilled at.

Everyone has their day.

Good or bad, it's a day and no one can steal your joy unless you willingly give it away.



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