COVID-19 & Studio Supplies

Happy Full Moon Everyone! At 1:41PM it will mark a Super Full Moon today.

COVID-19 or the coronavirus (pictured below) has a huge media hype.

With this in mind, supplies are a challenge to obtain for some businesses.

Inhale Yoga has ample supplies of soap, paper towels, spray disinfectant, Clorox Wipes for the mats, etc. as of now. ALL NORMAL SUPPLIES OF THE STUDIO ARE VERY HARD TO COME BY EITHER ONLINE OR AT THE STORES.

Please me mindful: I am kindly asking you if you bring you own mat to the studio to clean it at home since supplies are hard to come by.

There is no hand sanitizer on the face of this planet it seems (or supplies to make it). If you have an extra bottle and you would like to donate it to Inhale Yoga for others to use before and after their class, everyone & Ruth would greatly appreciate it.

Please see Ruth.


We are all in this together, Inhale Yoga is keeping the studio as germ free as possible for you to attend classes. If you are sick please wait until you are feeling better to attend classes. Most suffer from allergies (as Ruth does) not all coughing is virus or cold related.

I have the greatest students, most of you do not come to class ill. Most stay home until they are feeling better and I and others thank you!

I (Ruth) thank you for your support of the studio


bringing healthy yoga to the community.


Gentle Reminder: Studio closed March 13, 14 & 15 - Ruth is on R&R.

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