Newsletter Part / Blog portion is below.

I dropped the ball.

I have had some people ask me about the blogs and the newsletters.

To be honest, I didn't think anyone was reading them.

I don't get much positive feedback.

(I sure do hear when it's not positive.)

I was wrong - I heard from a few, but that's it.

I promised myself February 1st, I will begin anew.

Today is February 1st and here I am.

Let's catch up!

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(blogs come with it)

Blogs WILL have some information in them, not always just a blog.

It's a mini newsletter at times.

They talk about cancellations, updates and changes at Inhale Yoga LLC.

Please read them as they come out.🙏

Like me (not just follow) on FB and adjust your settings to see Inhale Yoga in your feed as I post information.

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I try to appeal to everyone.

Some like the photo's, some like more inspiration, etc.

I do the best I can with meeting everyone's needs.

Be patient with me, I will try to meet what you are looking for each month.


Positive feedback always helps.

Telling me everything I do wrong, kind of puts me to the side. I don't take it well.


The Schedule is limited.

We are in a pandemic and EVERYONE'S schedules are different & limited mostly.

From the dentist's offices to the family doctors, the grocery store to the yoga studio.

We have to adjust


stay a float (in business) in this pandemic doing the best we can.


I am ONE person.

I personally, ensure my studio is cleaned to the standards (ok maybe a bit more) of the states & county guidelines. This is 2 hours of Ruth (me) cleaning prior to each class. Sometimes I can get it done sooner, sometimes I make it right to the wire of opening. Depends on how many come to class prior and how much I have to do.

I want to make sure it done and done the right way.

It's for you AND me!


We had a nice snow yesterday.

I cancelled Sunday's Stretch & Restore with wall yin BUT....I added it to next Sunday and registration is open.

Space is limited, bring or wear WHITE socks or socks with LIGHT colored heels (for wall) Dollar Store has them if you need a quick pair.

No loaner mats, please bring your own mats.


Now to the talk...... 🙄

With today's classes being cancelled due to the weather and even the livestreams are cancelled, I made that choice since it seems that registration for livestream has gone down.

What's Up?

If I don't have at least 3 people sign up (for livestream), classes are cancelled if there is no live class.

I've had this 'rule' as long as I've been doing the livestream.

There is ALWAYS the 'listen' option all the way back to May

(I still haven't gotten caught up with deleting all of the previous classes to one to two months current)

Why? Cloud storage is only so big.

You can download your favorite classes before I delete them.

Livestream and the listen (audio) options are ONLY available with any monthly unlimited purchase option.

I am a small business not a chain/franchise or a large studio, in COVID, trying hard to keep us going. Those larger businesses can get the better rates giving them more cloud storage.


I will check on the weather and see what it will be like for Tuesday's (tomorrow's classes.)

Trust me: you don't own a studio/business to close it all of the time.

I LOVE to teach.

I want to open and stay open.

You don't sign up.....no livestream.


You have to let me be there for you.

No more excuses, we've been doing this now how long, find the space.

I've seen bathrooms, closets, kitchens and more.

No make up on, the house is a mess.....who cares?

It's no big deal, we are together


that's ALL that matters!



If you have not used your gift certificates that have been purchased OVER a year ago


you promised me you were going to redeem them in January AND still have not....

One more month and....they are deleted.

I'm trying to be as reasonable as I can.

If you have not contacted me, your gift certificates have been deleted since some have sat for years without usage.

If you are using them, no worries: your all good!

PLEASE use them, you paid or were gifted the gift of health, use it.


Most gift certificates ANY WHERE else expire or lose value after 6 month to one year.



What else have I been doing?

I got DNA tested in December.

Results came in last week.


I wanted to check to see exactly where I came from.

Not country wise as in heritage but in my DNA lines.

(I questioned my parental lines)

I was hoping for some certain results, but....it is what it is.

Most know how I was raised, I don't mind sharing.

One on one privately, not in a blog or newsletter.

Not the place.


If you are family reading this

This is MY perception


it's how I was treated.

Maybe NOT you, but it was for me.

My opinion.

Sure there are lots of opinions family (immediate) will have.

Most saw it or knew of it, as I talked to them.


I will not call out those family members that helped me find out information.

You know who you are 💗 and THANK YOU! 💗

It's learning more since DNA can't lie to me.

It couldn't answer all of my questions but it was pretty cool to see where it all went


it grows as people take AncestryDNA tests, the more that take it, the more family you'll find.

I did begin to blog about it (privately) and I have deleted all of it.


It was pure raw emotion!

Not a good read, looking back.

My personal opinions, my experience:

There are/were children who are blatantly favored.

If you are favored: you get the best or the most attention, this wouldn't apply to you.

I was emotionally starved (in my eyes and as I talk to family, others saw it too.)😳

My choice of verbiage isn't incorrect.

Wow, others saw it.

I never knew it was that obvious.

They said they felt bad for me and thanks, it is what it is.

It doesn't excuse others behaviors at all.

However it made me:

- very independent

- overly emotional


- trust is a huge factor for me.