This Thursday, 7pm - Gentle Hatha 1 -


(this is class where we go up and down off of the floor with a slightly zesty element to it.)

Health related issues contact Ruth prior to signing up for class.

How it works:

Register for class - limited space availability.

If you already have a monthly unlimited, 3 month or yearly option, yours is unlimited and this doesn't affect your credits. If you buy 4 classes for $45, your class is free this evening.

If you sign up for class and can not make it to class, please as a courtesy, un-register for class to make room for someone else to sign up.

- You and your friend register for class.

- Email Ruth - and tell me who your friend is and....they get to come to class free.

- Yours is paid for either by your package option or single classes are $15 per person.

(please one free student per first student)_/\_

- New students fill out a waiver and release found on - and bring it with you.

This is NOT open to drop in's.

All students must register

for class since there is limited space availability.

Sorry folks!


This week-end Inhale Yoga is closed - Ruth is on R&R.

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