Give & Take

The pandemic brought change to EVERYONE! Anger seems to be the most profound.

Class times are not the same, I don't want to change because I like what I like attitudes.

You have to make changes to most all other businesses schedules.

Limited menu's, changed hours, little employees since some had to cut back and let go of them. It's outrageous or is it?

No one's willing to give a little.

Staying angry isn't the answer.

Look at some businesses with open eyes and see they have limited staff, limited hours, limited menu's, etc. for a reason. Some employees are over-worked and very tired.

There are guidelines State & Local to which they MUST abide ...... or get shut down. Is that what you are wanting? If some shut down, they might stay down.

Small businesses with only the owner have to do more now. You don't realize it unless you are in that position.

You want what you want and will remain wanting until you get your way.

Is this right?

Where has our compassion gone?

If some folks are trying to make everyone as happy as they can while in this pandemic what is your part?

Sure supporting local businesses but with compassion, opened eyes and understanding.

Are you doing your part?

I follow many yoga studio's on social media. I just read another one (not local but in the states) is shutting down.

*sigh* lack of attendance, lack of funds & more. Your place that you go to let go of stress is gone!

Not even online. My heart broke when I read this. Being in the business of stress reduction and we're at an all time high in stress and they aren't being supported.

They have no choice. I saw it posted yesterday. 😟

Was the business backed into a corner and had to make the choice to close?

If they offered more classes?

If they reduced the costs of the classes?

Offered free? (Namaste doesn't pay the bills in a brick & mortar business) 🙏

If they would of done this or that. (I belong to many groups of business owners (on FB) and reading some information is heart breaking to me.)

Those studio's that pretty much gave it away couldn't make enough money to pay the bills. Reducing their rates isn't the answer, adding more classes to a strict schedule of cleaning just can't happen.

Owners having to teach (yes lots of yoga studio owners don't teach themselves, they hire teachers) They can't pay them their worth due to the reduced prices and cut their pay and then....they quit.

It's like a no win.

Students getting angry and some owners posted what their students wrote to them - anger, pure anger (yikes!!!) and wow, no wonder some studio owners feel beaten down & defeated.

I belong to groups in the UK and created a FB Studio Owners (only brick & mortar) Group since I couldn't find one here in the U.S. if it takes off great, if not I close the page and I tried. It's not ready ... yet.

Support your local small businesses with compassion and love. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

We have to be able to give and take right now.

Get back to your practice.

Find your sanity, your peace and practice off the mat as well as on.


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