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Giveaway Time Again.....

It's time again.

For what?

A giveaway.

With everything going on in this world, let's give more away! 🤗

As you know: Inhale Yoga students who are in need - I am giving them free yoga, for those who need a yoga mat that are longstanding students of Inhale Yoga I gave away yoga mats (I was able to get my hands on a few more, contact me) and I have upgraded those gift certificates from 4 classes of $45 to one month unlimited giving you access to livestream, audio and in studio classes. I have turned one month gift certificates into a private class with me.

(You must contact me if you haven't already - inhaleyogaruth@gmail.com)

With every purchase of 3 months for $180, your name will get entered into a drawing to win a Lovetree Co Mala. 😁

This is a shaligram mala with a Dzi bead and lotus beads that is approx. 17" long with a retail value of $90. You can always purchase as a gift certificate to use at a later date. It's available at the studio for viewing.

(Google healing properties of....or meaning of Dzi bead - here is one meaning - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dzi_bead )

I'll run this until the end of September and announce the winner. If you have purchased 3 months recently and wonder if you will be entered - you will be as long as you purchased it in September. Sorry, I have to have a cut off somewhere.

Just in cases if you are having a hard time logging into the website please use a different browser other then Chrome. Here is the link to the last blog regarding logging in. https://shoutout.wix.com/so/ceNHA5b4T?fbclid=IwAR2MON-acogeaBDx8HFLHR1uRmO9xa1JwuBPoxxvkeqqTo3GEd_HkL0swtI#/main


use the link:


Allow for third party cookies - PLEASE!🙏

I do not track you and nor do I have time to track anyone.

(neither does Tula -we're both way too busy)

I do not sell your email address or use your information for any other reason then this studio.

I guard your privacy. (and so does Tula!)

With COVID 😷 things have changed on many sites, logging on or in, privacy settings are getting stricter. It's for the best.

Please contact Tula if you are still having problems and they will try their best to guide you.


Please feel free to pass this email onto another yogi, post it in your neighborhood group, etc. (you are helping build our yoga community and helping out the studio)

You can stop by the studio and get some business cards (available outside the studio) and give them to someone who can use a little stress reduction.

Please only take what you need to leave some for others.

Inhale Yoga LLC 6931 Commons Plaza

Chesterfield, VA 23832





Gentle reminder: All events for the rest of the year are cancelled.😔 Eg: Glow Stick Yoga, Volunteer yoga, etc.

Let's see what happens next year....... next year.

One month at a time.

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