Hanging On

We are under quarantine. Period - if you're not essential, stay home!

Sure you're bored, aren't we all? Hang on!! We have to find things to do.... around the house, your apartment or go clean someone's yard. Trust me, if you stopped by - 6 feet away and more, I can give you a whole grocery list of things to do....outside!

I have owned my business for almost 5 years and I finally cleaned out ALL of my flowerbeds since 2015. (You can only imagine the weeds since 2015!) I am cleaning, washing off the front porch, washing windows inside and out, bathing the dogs, cooking, baking, walking the dogs and myself, finding many things to do.

There are many free online classes to take! It's just your time....which we have plenty of right now:



Find a class on Udemy: https://www.teachinguide.com/free-udemy-courses/

And if you know of more, email me so I can share with others who are bored! _/\_

Volunteer - the food banks need people, check with your local government and see where they can use you. This IS the time to clean out that garage, organize the desk, clean out the cupboards. Don't: cut your own hair, dye your own hair (unless you are pretty good at this), take it out on someone else, getting angry over silly things people post on social media, sparking fights of any kind!

Clean out that pantry, make something you have always wanted the time to make. The list is endless.

I originally had planned for the studio to close until April 6. Well, it looks like the virus has other plans and it looks like we are under quarantine until April 30! Oh gravy!!!


I can't even go to the studio to change the sign on the front door, I feel heartbroken but..I am not defeated! No virus will take what I worked my bottom off for.

THANK YOU to ALL who have made donations to the studio.

You are helping me keep the studio open!❤

One anonymous student has purchased gift certificates which will be given away when the doors open back up.

Others made contributions by purchasing and not using the classes, which donates the money to the studio.(yes they messaged me and told me what they wanted to do)

I'm overwhelmed with your kindness!



How to donate? Purchase anything the studio offers.

You can buy it as a gift certificate for later use, or I can mail the gift certificate to you - even email and you print it.

You can mail a check but let me know to go to the studio mailbox, otherwise....I'm here at the house and I go every few days, rather then everyday.

Cash donations please contact me to make arrangements.

All of your support helps keep the studio going, from rent to utilities to software, etc. Many things are paid for each month to keep the studio up and running normally. Just like a household.

We don't know.........we don't know anything. What I do know is: we will continue to have Virtual Audio and Live-stream Classes (at no extra cost) even after the quarantine. I like these ideas. I had to learn everything super fast but....I learned two new things.

Can't figure out the virtual audio or livestream? Contact me and I will talk you thru it.

We will adapt. I am taking one day at a time just like you.

I could let myself get scared but fear will do that. I won't allow myself that option.

One day at a time.

No fear, stay at home, be responsible. If you need groceries, be even more responsible. Grab them and go! Don't linger.

Check on seniors/or others with health related issues. Learn zoom and talk to people. We are now learning what is important to us!!! Learn. We don't want this to happen again. Value each other, don't take things for granted, value your self and your time.

And you thought learning yoga was hard.....social distancing, isolation is harder. 🤣

If you are feeling alone, to your end and you have no one to talk to.....message me.

Email: inhaleyogaruth@gmailcom

Phone: 804-229-6961

Text: 804-229-6961

We can set up a zoom time so you know I am right on the other end.

(you can see me and I can see you)

I can at least guide you to professional help or we'll talk it out as best as I can with you.

I am not a trained professional, but....I am someone with a heart. ❤





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