Happy Cyber Monday 2020

Cyber Monday Specials

(they open now)

Cyber Monday Specials:

One Single Class: $12 (that's 2015 pricing! - reg. $15 - price goes up January 1, 2021)

In Studio Only - No Limit.

One Week Membership $20 (reg. $30 - possible price change January 1, 2021)

Memberships auto renew off of you debit or credit card every 30 days.

In studio, livestream & audio.

Click the link below.


- No Contracts -

I kindly ask that you give the membership at least 3 cycles

before you want to cancel. Give it a try - you might REALLY love it.

Give your Self the gift of health!

Prices end at midnight.

Stress from our COVID experience has gotten us to where we sit all day.

We have gotten our eating habits out of control, we might have gained some weight, feel completely unmotivated and really don't want to leave the house.

Join me via livestream if you want, in studio if you are able.

(limited in studio spaces and you must reserve your space registering for class for ALL classes)

You are not alone.

We are all in this together.

Time to get back on track with life and feel good about yourself again.

January 1, 2021 ALL prices will go up.

All gift certificates are to be used within one year now.

If you are perpetually using your gift certificates and I know who you are, no worries.

If you are unsure, contact me inhaleyogaruth@gmail.com

I'd rather have you check with me before I expire them.

I have felt that giving someone a year now is very acceptable to use a gift certificate

in a normal retail business.

Happy Cyber Monday!

See you in class soon!


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