Happy November 1st!

The Podcast Yogi just had a new release today.

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Episode 20.


The first day of official fall was Sept, 22, 2021.

The holiday's are right around the corner and then the new year begins.

Let's get moving.

You've sat at home long enough, the body is getting achy and the mind is restless.

Join me in studio (limited spacing is available), virtual or thru audio.

We are just not the same as we once were in 2019.

We've come so far to be set back and paralyzed by a pandemic.

What is it going to take to get you in a class?


Do I need to call you?

The longer you wait to begin moving again the harder it will be.

We can make more excuses not to come to class and once we have class you sleep better and feel better.

Soooooooooooooo, what are YOU waiting for?

The pity party has ended and time to take your life back.

Get moving.

A single class is $18.

That's it.

Set the example for others to follow you.

Ask them to join you in class.

You can always email me and ask how spaces are left open in class.



Sometimes we have to start all over again, and again.

It's no big deal.

In January, new waivers will be needed. Every year we fill out a NEW waiver.

Yes even if you just filled one out, the old waivers are no longer on the premises.

New waivers are accepted beginning January 1, 2022.

Please listen to the podcast for more details.


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