• Ruth Ann Dunkerly

How can I help?

I was asked how can I help out the studio ? I'm very grateful that many feel this way!

Besides a donation🙏 you can share posts on social media!

Not on social media?

Share Inhale Yoga in your men / women's group, in your mediation group, work or neighborhood newsletter or group, anywhere people can get information about businesses in your community. (staying socially distant please 😉 )


It starts by spreading the word about Inhale Yoga LLC. Word of mouth has brought most students to Inhale Yoga. (you can share this email too!) Info. is at the bottom of the blog.

THANK YOU for sharing me with your circle. 🙏



Facebook, Google Reviews, Next Door, LinkedIn, etc. - any where you can write a positive, healthy review about Inhale Yoga LLC / Ruth. Tag Inhale Yoga so I can thank you !

(google automatically lets me know when there is a new review 😉)



If you are on social media, share posts to your page and maybe add a few positive words about the studio.

It's all about sharing the information.

Add Inhale Yoga to your groups on social media.

(adding Ruth doesn't work, it's adding the studio) My personal page is just that, my personal page. I don't promote myself on my page which won't help getting the word out about Inhale Yoga. Sorry.

Business cards are available outside the studio if you want to stop by and grab one for someone.


I can't thank you enough for asking and spreading the word about Inhale Yoga LLC 🙏


6931 Commons Plaza

Chesterfield, VA 23832






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