• Ruth Ann Dunkerly

I just can't get it!

It's ok. Learning something new can be very challenging, especially when you really want to learn it.

I can not figure out how to get on Zoom, take a Live Class or listen to audio classes?

I can honestly see me staying closed at this point in May. I hate to say it, but the truth is, cleaning supplies are nonexistent and students do not want to come out. I can't blame you. I WILL TOUCH BASE with you again on this in mid to late May. I'm looking for a June 1st opening BUT DON'T HOLD me to that since we can't tell what the future will bring us.

If life changes rather quickly and somehow this virus is all under control, yes of coarse I will open sooner. Students need to be willing to come to classes.

Your health is very important to me but I also need supplies to clean the studio. It will be a soft opening, meaning, we won't be at full schedule since I'm not knowing on attendance. Plus, we have to follow what we are told to do for our health!

We can not take this lightly.

I want to Thank ALL of those students who are supporting me during this time. YOU ARE HELPING ME KEEP THE STUDIO OPEN with your generous donations!

The rent is being paid, you ALL are helping me stay open!! (even at home)

As you have house expenses, the studio has the same but the costs are a bit more since it's commercial.

THANK YOU ALL who have donated to the studio! I do have a donation option available online, there are many other bills to pay to keep the studio up and running like we normally do. Thank you _/\_

Normal? What is normal anymore?

We know we need to move. Take your classes!

If you can not figure out how, CONTACT ME!!! I don't care if we went over this many times in the past, you'll get it! It just takes time.

I will cancel my audio classes to help you thru this. It's ok!!!

Yoga has been proven to help reduce stress.

Get your self moving no matter how hard it is.

Don't just sit around staring at the tv mindlessly. Take advantage of your off time. Get things done.

Learn something. Take online classes, you can get books online, need to talk? Message me, we can talk over the phone. Find projects to do. We have to make our self get moving and some days are a lot harder then others.


If you have a business, we are ALL going thru the same struggles right now. If you at home with kids, take many walks outside, create games of finding bugs, plants or colors, the list is endless.

Let's get to class! Try, even if you are on zoom staring at me....it's ok. You are there and maybe, just maybe - a downward facing dog might appear in your future!

Namaste Everyone!

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