It can't be me.....can it?

This quarantine has hit a lot of nerves. From people wearing masks and others expressing they shouldn't have to, to some gathering whenever they feel like it, posting it on social media to get reactions from others. The shock value.

We're stuck at home, funds are being tested, our nerves are being tested and we just don't feel like it. Everyone gets it. This has affected from young to old, from poor to rich and this has no boundaries which has scared many. Businesses wonder if they will ever re-open and can they survive? This IS unventured territory that we are all in.

This has also shown us we are all together in this. No one is exempt. No one.

This can also bring about us doing what is called mirror work. We just don't need the mirror. Life is bringing up things that cause us to get angry, cry or some other emotion (that's normally negative), it's showing us ........ we NEED to change.

We can see our self in others and what we see - we are NOT liking at all.

Yep, this has affected me this way.

Life has shown me where I have been and some things are not too pretty. I am looking to make these changes ASAP. I started on them a few weeks ago and find it very enlightening on my triggers, my past actions from my triggers and saw others act the same.

Was that really how I handled myself?

It couldn't of been ........ but maybe it was. It can't be me, can it? We don't see how we act unless someone is either calling us out on it or video recording. Yikes!

Pure enlightenment.

Is this really how we act?

When we point a finger at someone, three more are pointing back at us!

Louise Hay is amazing in showing us how to do mirror work. You might laugh when you first try it, think it's silly, but keep doing it for one week.

That's it, just one week. She has many YouTube video's out and others teaching this method on many topics. See if anything changes and be honest with yourself.

I accept the fact I need to change a few things in my life. I see the errors in my ways and I am willing to work on them thru change and thru my change I understand that I will have to work on this for awhile since this didn't just happen over night. This has been there for years. I mastered it.

Are you willing to try?

If you know other who are struggling with learning things about themselves, reach out to them and teach them. This is our time to make things right to the best of our ability.

We are human, we are flawed and we need to find what makes us tick and move forward in bettering our self for OUR self!

We have to live with OUR SELF the rest of our lives.

It can be me..... and it is.

I am up for this change and challenge.

Are you?

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