It Happens to All of some time.

It happens to all of us at some time, a family member who acts out and up.

We can not do anything but damage control at times and other times it just has to ride it's wave.


As some of you have brought to my attention, a few social media posts were made from a disgruntled family member of mine.

I CAN NOT control how someone feels about me. I can not make anyone like me and nor will I try. Family or not, either you like me or you don't.

There can be health reasons why some folks act out. We don't know and we can't judge. If you have someone like that, seek compassion from within and if need be - protect yourself.

You can not send me messages thru Inhale Yoga Ruth on Facebook anymore.

I have disabled that option.

There are other avenues to contact me that most are familiar with.

I have 'banned' some folks from my page(s) in order to protect myself and my family.

When in the public eye - our lives can be a little out there.

I don't mind sharing for the most part, many things about me.

I appreciate those who contacted me about those posts on Saturday since they slipped by me for some reason. (Posts have been deleted)

I also appreciate the silent support, since some know that this is a very delicate area to talk about when people are going through it.

Thank you for having my back.


Having compassion for others who have health related issues, self control concerns, etc. we have to try to look at it with compassionate eyes.

They are here for us to learn something about our self or life.

Your wonderful reviews about Inhale Yoga have lifted me greatly.

THANK YOU so much for the google, Facebook, etc. reviews.

Students often read them and this is how they decide to come to Inhale Yoga.

They help bring the student prospective to the business.

They share their experiences and others try Inhale out.

Yes, this person has struck on some of my review's leaving false information and will not remove them.

There is nothing I can do except address it as it comes up.


all who write such beautiful and wonderful words about their experience at Inhale Yoga!


Thank you

all for believing in my passion for yoga


allow me to share my love for it with you.

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