It's just letters behind the name....

I am a certified yoga therapist.

I am certified through the The International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Basically that means I HAVE to have (continuing) education and I have met all of their requirements to belong to this association.

The International Association of Yoga Therapists started in 1989.

I get to have the initials of C-IAYT behind my name.

Ruth Ann Dunkerly, C-IAYT

Did you even realize the meaning behind those initials?

Did it matter to you?

Does it matter to you?

For those of you who don't really know me, I have always been up on continuing education even prior to this certification.

Why am I bringing it up?

My certification is good for only so many years and I have to pay my fees (yearly) and send in my continuing education to maintain my initials & listing. My time will come up soon.

I'm actually thinking about giving them up.


I originally have gotten certified so students can know that I do have the knowledge in the field of anatomy, etc. (No, not like a doctor or PT)

I honestly haven't found ...... that it really matters.

It doesn't take away from me continually learning about anatomy.

It doesn't take away from the quality of classes and it hasn't brought to me any more students due to my certifications.

I have LOTS of certifications in many forms and styles of yoga.

I have taken hours and hours of classes.

I am my own boss.

I don't 'need' them to qualify for a job and in the future if I would move past from where I am, I can't see it meaning a hill of beans to anyone but me.

Me = is ego.

Ego doesn't need the initial's behind my name.

Their registry that I am on has not brought me any students or recognition of any kind.

There is another teacher registry that some also don't know about and it's called: Yoga Alliance.

I am not associated with them and I personally don't agree with them.

You get to have the initials RYT behind your name, as you take continuing education and you are put on a teacher registry with Yoga Alliance.

Those initials mean you are a certified registered yoga teacher.

In 1999 a group of yoga teachers from a yoga journal conference decided the 'standards' of yoga.

Many teachers were grandfathered in: Meaning, they met and showed their qualifications and qualified to get grandfathered in and paying their yearly fees and upholding their continuing education.

No one goes to these registries that I have found to find me.

I, personally speaking - I do not care for YA.

Now before you get upset with me, this is MY opinion, as you have yours.

Some teachers are very addiment about their allegiance to Y.A. and if it's for them... go for it.

It's not for me.

I do belong to the NAYT.

The National Association of Certified Yoga Teachers.

(I told you I have many certifications.)

Students will hit Google, Yelp, LinkedIn or word of mouth 🙏 to find a yoga teacher or specifically a yoga studio.

Most don't know or even have heard of these registries.

So I am asking you....

Does it matter to you if I am certified yoga therapist?

If you didn't know and now know, does it matter?

Reply back to this email, leave a comment or tell me.

It doesn't change the way I teach.

Yes, your answer could determine whether I keep it or not.

This is WHY I am asking.

Your opinion matters to me.

Due to COVID-19, I'm back as to where I almost started in 2015 with student attendance. (ok maybe a bit better but we lost so many due to COVID)

This is a good time to make changes where I need to.

Like things in life, students will come and go.

Some will move, retire or just feel that yoga isn't for them or I don't resonate with them anymore.

It's ALL good!

I find a small attachment to ALL of my students.

We share many things and I get to know you, as you get to know me.

It's like one great big happy family...a community.

I'm just glad we found each other.


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