Let's Catch Up.

Some students are new, while others have been with me for awhile now.

First: PLEASE sign up for the newsletters & blogs. They contain information about changes I might do at the studio to giveaway information, etc. The blog's (which is what this is) can be found back on the website, on the menu bar and go to blog.


Sure not all of them are on topics you enjoy but I always hope to spark some interest. I use them as newsletters so you can go back and find the information.


If you unsubscribe - I believe its 2 rounds of either newsletters or blogs for it to be deleted - I appreciate your patience. Thanks!!


Next: The giveaway is on until the end of September.

You purchase 3 months for $180 and I put your name into a drawing to win a beautiful Lovetree Co. Shaligram mala with dzi bead (approx. 17" long)

It's a $90 value. (see the last blog for photo's)

NEXT: ALL classes start ON TIME by the world clock.

The door is locked for privacy and the shades are drawn. I stand at the door checking students in (even prior to COVID) and also check your temp.

I will wait for a students for only a few minutes more since I need to start the class.

Students have other places to go.

Some have already waited for the 15 minutes (the studio opens 15 min. prior to class) .

I'm NOT a gym where you can come and go. All classes are one hour.

It's respectful to me and the other students who want to get their practice in.


NEW STUDENTS: PLEASE come in 15 minutes prior to class. You will have a 'in studio' waiver and release to fill out (available online) or at the studio and I normally like to chat with you and/or show you around.

All Students: Masks upon entering - no exceptions.


New students - PLEASE do not come in right at the class start time.

I can understand that life is hectic but just as you may go to your other appointments ahead of time this is the same.

I try to be respectful to all of my students and of their time.

I am looking out for you in the parking lot. If someone is making a mad dash across the parking lot - I will wait for you. Everyone here gets it and we've all had days like that too.

I am trying to give you every opportunity to make it to class.

Deregister if you can not make it to class.

You do this from the website where you signed up. There is a deregister option.

Next: Livestream & audio students: PLEASE ALLOW for 3rd party cookies.

I respect your privacy and do not sell your information to anyone.

Chrome and my website do not seem to like each other.

Please change your browser. (it's just for classes, you can always go back to the one you prefer) If you are having no issues, do not worry.

help@tulasoftware.com is another avenue for assistance in getting to your livestream or audio classes.

Private classes are available for those who do not want group classes.

$70 for a one hour class and I customize a class for you.

All you have to do is contact me and we'll get something set up.


Next: Share the posts on social media.

This helps the studio get the word out about classes.

Kindly remember there is a 8 student maximum in classes.

You can always join us livestream via zoom.

Please read the COVID 19 & the studio etiquette guidelines on the website.

You can take class anywhere you want as long as you have an internet connection.

Next: I am not doing volunteer work or going outside of the studio to teach classes.....yet.

I am waiting just like the rest of the world is.

I am personally not comfortable with those idea's at this time.


Next: Yoga Teacher Training:

I will be doing more online, internet, zoom training to minimize contact with any future candidates.

Please contact me if you are interested.

I am in the process of revamping my teaching to accommodate this.

This will take me a little bit of time, so the next student trainee will have some down time before everything is ready.

I teach only one person at a time. (I will give an exception for a max of 2 if you know each other - study buddies!)


We're going to get through all of this, it does take time.

We have class in different ways now.

Last Update: For those of you that prefer audio, classes have NOT been removed from March.

All audio is still available but I will be cleaning up the Inhale Yoga Tula calendar portion this fall by deleting some older audio classes.

With each device being different when you go to the website to 'listen', click on it, look to the right and you'll see three dots.

Click on those three dots and it will say download.

This will save your class for future use.

Practice makes perfect, give it a try.

(No - my auming and chanting have not gotten any better 🙄 )


One day at a time.



Donations are accepted thru the website.

You can also mail a check to:

Inhale Yoga LLC

6931 Commons Plaza

Chesterfield, VA 23832




Your support keeps the studio open !




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