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I had education today regarding how to incorporate the Tula software into Zoom and Zoom into Tula. I saw many studio owners frazzled from this Coronavirus. The stress on their faces as we try to learn this new idea - Tula is helping us all out with. Some will not have their studio's after this virus, it's sadly taking a huge toll on them (like everyone else) Please send them loving vibes!

LIVE Classes: I will be holding a live class tomorrow/ Tuesday. Look for a class that says; LIVESTREAM and the name of the class. eg: LIVESTREAM - Gentle Vinyasa 1. Pure trial and error on my part. I need to figure out camera angles, sound, etc. Zoom is where I will have classes. Please create an account (Zoom) and I have learned to incorporate the Tula into it. You will register thru my website and you will be sent a link in the confirmation. PLEASE save your email and your link will be in that email on how to join everyone on zoom. The good thing is, class size is limitless. I can have as many people in it as possible. I will kindly ask that you mute once I get class started, I will announce it.

Please create a zoom account to view the classes. I will have in Tula on the class description as LIVESTREAM and the name of the class eg: LIVESTREAM - Gentle Vinyasa 1.

I'm here for you! I am not sitting back on the couch enjoying time off. I am creating audio classes and figuring out LIVE classes for YOU!

Class Credits and Monthly Unlimited Plans.

This option is from Tula - this is not my option. Right now anyone can access classes from me free. Which I have to pay for many options which I don't pass the additional onto my students, I absorb it.

Tomorrow approx. 5PM I will disable the free option.

Audio Classes and LIVE Classes are for monthly unlimited packages only.

I'm sorry, it's the software and not my option. If you have purchased 4 classes for $45 and you are about to run out, please CONTACT me first. I need to figure out if I can help you use your credits. If you don't contact me, if you made that purchase option those classes will be lost. I'm keeping the option still open in case someone wants to purchase as a gift certificate and use at a later time.

Right now at this time of quarantine, the monthly option is the only option. I'm so sorry! If you take 5 Audio classes or 5 LIVESTREAM classes, it pays for itself.

I do have a March Monthly Membership (auto withdrawal from your debit or credit every 30 consecutive days) is $60 (ends March 31). Regular $70 - this will give you access also to Audio and Livestream Classes! If you don't want a membership a monthly unlimited is $70. Please do remember I absorb many costs to keep your cost down as low as I can.

The LIVESTREAM & Audio I am absorbing.

Tula like us will learn - what to bring to their students for the best option possible. You can also email Tula /Contact them at the bottom of the page (when you sign up) or if you have concerns.

I will try a LIVESTREAM class tomorrow, please watch social media or keep checking on my website calendar to a livestream class. I will ask that you mute before I start class as a gentle reminder.

It will be an 'off the cuff' decision. I have many students emailing me and I'm trying to respond back to everyone ASAP, including texts and phone calls.

You will meet Bay (right - Golden Retriever) & River (Left - English Lab) as my 'students. They sometimes leave during class, lol.

We're all in this together. We just need to figure it out as best as we can.

I'm here for you, call, text or email.

Inhale Yoga LLC



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