Living in a new world.

Times are much different now.

Faces masks everywhere we go.

We have to become socially consciousness. (at least I hope so)

We can't go back to normal. What was didn't work for us. We have to reinvent our selves, our businesses and our lives. Jobs lost, cut back, furloughed, shut downs, etc. - we NEED to improve our selves.

Maybe we put in way too many hours before.

Maybe we didn't spend enough time with family.

Maybe we put material things before everything else.

Maybe we put our self on hold, lacked sleep and didn't want to eat right.

Did we wake up?

We realized money can't buy anything or everything, especially when there is a run on TP, PT & hand sanitizer.

Vacations? Nope. Maybe more family time in a really different way. Appreciation of each other more, appreciation of our jobs/careers.

We have to change how we are.

I found myself in change also.

I shut the studio down from mid March to June 6. WOW!! Awakening.

I found myself soul searching almost everyday. I couldn't watch the news and social media with all of the negativity. Drama on tv was limited for me, I couldn't handle it.

I found change within myself to make me a better me. It's a personal list. I have to change. Re-organize my life.

I taught everyday just like I normally did thru livestream and audio classes, went to some folks homes. I still do. I soul searched even more.

In some ways, I didn't like the person I became. I'm hoping to not wonder back to the old Ruth, it wasn't working well for me.

Have you ever soul searched before?

Gone within and just sat with misery, loneliness, sadness, … all those good negative emotions. OUCH! I've talked it thru to two dogs, went on long walks to pass time, cleaned and re-found my love for my garden and plants again.

Organized closets, donated many items and more.

The soul searching conversations still stay - they keep me on track and I catch myself when I fall into my old ways. Sometimes its too late, the words already came out of my mouth, but I vowed to stay on the path of change for a better me.

There can be times when I don't know me anymore. I've lost the old me and the new me went off on a different path.

She can wonder..... then again, maybe her wondering off is telling me that part of who I am wasn't working either. Let her go.

If you have never soul searched it gets to your heart core. It rattles your life to your bones. There is nothing gentle about seeing who you really are. It's like having a mirror in front of you 24/7. There's no turning back. You ARE turned inside out.

Everyone has been affected by this virus in some way shape or form. Can you turn it around and become a better you?

This blog is dedicated to Cate.

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