❤Lucky, blessed, fortunate....whatever you want to call it - I feel THAT!❤

Students are still able to take their classes thanks to Tula ❤ (the software I use for you to sign up for class and pay) They got together really quick the Broadcast part for us to use Zoom with Tula and still have LIVE classes. I spent a good part of Monday with Tula as studio owners from all over got together to learn this.

Yes some minor flaws but they did it...FOR US!!! I feel so lucky. Being isolated isn't fun at all. I am definitely a people person. I sure do have my introvert side of me, but that is quickly put aside when you realize what you LOVE to do has been stopped.


Tula has brought us all together again! I LOVE seeing you all even if it's from our homes. If this is what we need to do to have class and thru audio, so be it.

I sure do miss ALL of you! Some I saw everyday, others a few times a week to once a week. I MISS YOU ALL!

It doesn't feel the same but we need to stay apart.

I also need to acknowledge and THANK all who have donated money to keep Inhale Yoga LLC up and running. (❤You can donate via the website by purchasing as a gift certificate for later use or just buying any package - but remembering it will still expire from purchase date making it a donation ❤) We don't know where life will take us and this can be a bit interesting, but I will not let a virus take what I built almost 5 years ago.

5 years ago I started to teach at my home for free. Inhale Yoga LLC was born. Through my students who generously donated to bring this studio to where it is , I will NOT disappoint you. I will work hard and keep Inhale Yoga LLC running bringing you LIVESTREAM classes and virtual audio classes until......we see each other again.

I want to continue these classes, I feel it is a great option to offer students who now join me from PA, NY, Northern VA and more.

WOW - yoga brought us all together again.

If you go on vacation....when we are able to can take me with you.

As you know today....I'm in my dining room (pictured below) teaching...again ❤❤❤❤❤

I will take the time with each person getting them acclimated to Zoom. This is why not all classes have audio. I am with someone sometimes for a bit of time teaching them how it works. THANK YOU for your patience. We are ALL in this together!

I am completely humbled by the support my students have given me.


Words can't express enough how lucky, blessed and fortunate I am feeling.

If anyone is having a hard time trying to use this system, please message me, we'll chat and get you up and running to join classes!


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