New Links and a New Way to Login for Class!

Times are changing and very rapidly I must say. Inhale Yoga and Tula are no exception.

Tula has made it even more secure and easier to log into their software via Inhale Yoga's website.

No - there were no issues; with more people being at home working, kids doing school work, etc., they came up with a way to make it even easier to logon to register for classes or to make your purchase.

On the Inhale Yoga website, you'll see the menu bar at the top under the logo.

On that menu bar you will click on Student Access. THAT is where you will logon and move forward. Clicking on the photo will take you there as well as clicking on 'student access' in red.

You'll notice if you are using the old way, you might have some difficulty logging on to sign up. Log out and use the Student Access page and move forward from there.

With any change we need to get use to the new way.

You can contact Tula directly and they will take you step by step in the process if you are having trouble.

I will also try my best to help you through the changes.

You can also use the link:

This will still take you back to the website, page: student access.

If you have an iPhone there is a Tula app you can download for free. (link on the website - page: student access) You can save the Inhale Yoga website and/or bookmark it to your screen is another option.

Thank you ALL for your continued support!


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