Policies & New March Challenge

As you read the policies of Inhale Yoga many can and do question such policies.

Totally understandable. I will bring some clarity to those policies.

I have a no refund policy. Why? I (Inhale Yoga aka Ruth) am charged not only to process your payment but I get charged additionally to refund it.


I don't get the full amount that you would think from your purchase. Those companies need to make their money also. My rates just got increased, March 1. (today)

I am truly sorry but there are no refunds. It does cost to have a small business, from using this company to send out blogs/newsletters to rent, heat, air, etc. Everything that runs a small business and probably a few things more.

Your wonderful purchases keep Inhale Yoga L.L.C. going.

I THANK YOU greatly and from my heart.

I am not out to take advantage of anyone but this is a policy I need to uphold.

Please, make sure you want to purchase - when you do and what you like to purchase. You are given many choices in finding the perfect payment option.

I have had this policy since I opened my doors, June 13, 2015.

I understand - we all fall onto hard times, if you have a membership and BEFORE it renews I am more then happy to cancel your membership. I do no contracts, I need no reason, just let me know to cancel it and I will. Email me if you don't want to see me in person. inhaleyogruth@gmail.com

Thank you for understanding.

No perfumes / colognes, essential oils or fragrances, etc.. We all like to smell fresh but some additional fragrances can have an allergic reaction to those around you. Some students have had their allergies triggered, please be mindful. You might not be able to smell it but those around you can.

Their breathing can be compromised and we all like to practice together, I'd love to give those a chance to practice in a healthful way. Please apply your fragrances after class.

Thank you for understanding.

Starting by the world clock. Inhale Yoga is not a gym but a real yoga studio. Some students have places to be like work or for other appointments. I start by the world clock. As soon as it turns to the time of the class, I get up and lock the door.

I do look out for anyone who looks like they can possibly be coming to class. I will wait to see if they are someone I know or who might be coming to the direction of the studio. (Just about an extra minute) Remember, that others could have been waiting for up to 15 minutes already for class to begin. The doors get locked and class begins on time.

Thank you for understanding.

I like to be mindful of everyone's needs but it is impossible for me to please everyone.

Running a business does have an expense to it. All of your wonderful purchases keep the studio going. THANK YOU so very, very much.


Starting today, March 1, 2020. Inhale Yoga is having a March Membership Drive.

You can purchase a March Membership at $60 of unlimited yoga. That is 30 consecutive days of as much or as little yoga as you want to use in 30 days.

It will auto renew every 30 days from your debit card or credit card. Any rate increases in the future you will not be affected. You can cancel at anytime and no contacts. This drive will run until the end of March 2020. Memberships can not be purchased as gift certificates. If you purchase today, it will charge you today.


The February challenge winner will like to remain anonymous.

Why? They want to do a random act of kindness :)

They just purchased a mat and will like to donate this mat to another challenge.

THANK YOU February Challenge Winner!

The challenge?

Purchase the March Membership (as offered above) and your name gets entered in to win this cork mat.

$100 retail value.

100% Eco-friendly Cork padding for optimal grip Provides good cushioning for the joints -Non-slip performance as the rubber provides a secure grip to the floor - The cork surfaces increases grip when wet - Excellent Durability - High Quality - Free from harmful silicone, phthalates and harmful chemicals - Good for regular and hot yoga - Anti-microbial cork surface: Naturally kills bacteria and germs Sweat-wicking.




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