Reach out, reach out and just say Hi!

In April of 1979, Atlantic Bell had a commercial with a famous jingle.

Reach out and touch

Somebody's hand

Make this world a better place

If you can

Reach out and touch

Somebody's hand

Make this world a better place

If you can

Songwriters: Nickolas Ashford / Valerie Simpson

Reach Out And Touch (Somebody's Hand) lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

"Ruth, you did a post like this a long time ago!"


We're STILL in a pandemic, State and County still requiring the use of facemasks and still cleaning like before - for businesses like mine.

I'm here to let you know I am here!

Reach out and sign up for a class.

Livestream, audio or in studio.

Reach out and come to class.

I am fully vaccinated. (if that makes a difference.)

Most students are or have had either at least one shot and yes, some have chosen not to. There is no judgement whichever path you choose.

There is a high-end air purifier that runs 24/7, the studio is cleaned in-between classes.

I had giveaway's for March.

10 people would win 2 weeks of unlimited livestream yoga by JUST sharing a blog post 10'x.


I'll say it again....NO ONE took advantage of it.

I had another giveaway prior to that one and NO ONE...I'll say that again...NO ONE took advantage of the 'in studio' classes FREE.

🏠6931 Commons Plaza, Chesterfield

☎ 804-229-6961


I'll base it upon assumption, you still want me here.

So many are fueling the restaurant industry that you might be forgetting about other small businesses that NEED your support too!!

Inhale Yoga LLC

"Ruth, do you support local small businesses?"


I do, more then some realize.

I donate also to charities that need a hand.

I do believe in karma and what goes around comes around.

After this is all said and done, sadly most will still have to shut down since some just can't remain open.

The financial burden is tremendous for some.

Limitations on businesses with clientele, the strict cleaning routine and even getting people to work. Rumor has it: some make more on unemployment then going out to work.

(I don't know if that's true)

Take a yoga class.

Get yourself back!

To keep the doors open everyday with small businesses even with limitations is very challenging.

This also includes me.

I don't know if I'll ever get some students back.

PRIVATE classes are available.

If you don't want a mainstream class, we can do a private class.

Yes, they cost more but worth it to stay healthy in body, mind and soul.

Prepay online and I'll contact you on scheduling your private class.

I'll need cleaning time in between classes and we're set.

For some....

I guess it was our time to part ways and I'm there when and if you decide to come back.

My policies have changed including hours of operation, class times and more.

I tried to introduce organically a podcast.

You can download the Spreaker app.

I was wanting to see how many organic followers I could get.

Oh my....LOL big time. I am my only follower.

I'm: The Podcast Yogi and yes, I created a Facebook page.

I am TRYING to reach out to many.

It hasn't worked but at the same time, you didn't know about this to be fair.

I am trying to figure out if it's worth me paying each month to do a podcast, to find guest speakers or just for me to do these.

If I do not get followers (I'm looking for a certain amount, the podcast will have it's final until further notice)

I'm asking YOU..

What's it gonna take?

Please refer back to the previous blogs located on the website under 'blog'

I'm thinking about giving away Starbucks gift cards in an upcoming studio promotion.

eg: Referring another student who buys a month or maybe bring a friend to class and your name would get entered....I don't know...yet.

Giving away free yoga isn't the answer but maybe a different promotion of giving away something else might work.

If you want to donate to the studio if you are a business a gift card or items for the promo, please contact me.

or otherwise it will remain above.

More details to follow soon.

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add me to your contact list so it doesn't go to spam or your trash.

The sign up you'll find as soon as you pull up the website.

Reach out and touch

Somebody's hand

Make this world a better place

If you can

Reach out and touch

Somebody's hand

Make this world a better place

If you can.


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