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This is where you log on with your password to sign up for classes.

Every now and then and today was a then day, the internet goes a little wonky on us.

Today, friend requests somehow disappeared on FB, requests to join in the Mindfulness Group disappeared.....I was flustered and couldn't figure it out....

Please resend.


I had many students who could not log into Tula to sign up for class: Email Tula and tell them what is going on. They are the creators of Tula Brand Software. They can help you out. Worse case scenario and class will start soon, you want to join class in studio TEXT ME! 804-229-6961 that studio phone number is a cell phone which only Ruth (me) has. I will message you back. One minute after class and if I students, I can not message you back immediately. If no one comes to class I can work with you, like I was trying this AM. I had no one come to class but I had 6 emails I was responding back to, trying to get folks online for class. Yes, I will start class late when you are trying hard to log into Tula.

For those of you who feel particularly close to me and would like my personal cell, I WILL give you my personal cell and you can text me there also. Livestream, text me early and I will add you and send you an invite. Email me: or 804-229-6961 text me for my personal cell. YES, I do have the right to not give out my cell for various reasons. Please understand I am human also.

The internet is unstable now as folks work from home more, kids are online more, etc.

With time and patience we will get through all of this. I just need to figure it out as it happens. In the meantime if you had a hard time for instance - today. Email Tula ( or click on the help button at the bottom of the page) and make sure everything is alright on that end. Tell them what happened incase it's simple human error. Make sure the device you are using is updated. Updates can slow you down. We just had a tropical storm roll thru yesterday and water can be in the lines, they can be working on the lines restoring internet and power to some areas affecting us all in some way.

I'm not going anywhere and we will figure all of this out together. Please communicate with me. Tula is your first step, your device is up-to-date and you have requested a password for Tula and for ZOOM. Both require a password and you logging into your account. These are all measures of safety for you. I lock the class down once it starts. If no one comes to either in studio or livestream there is no audio. I have not taken down any audio since I began doing it in Mid March. Enjoy your classes. They are available with a weekly membership or any unlimited purchase option.

We will have days like this. Right now it seems more then normal. Hurricane is coming, internet is super slow, tropical storm passes by and we can't log on or stay logged on.

I too have troubles with the internet.

It can work from home and I get to the studio and nothing......

Trust me I am in panic mode when this happens!

I'm stressing big time trying all things to figure it out on my end. And....sometimes it's not on my end.

We'll get this. The class might not be a one hour class but 45 minutes might do.

This has happened before when I was teaching from home.

If you lose me, wait....I just need to log back in.

If I lose won't let you back in.

This is where the audio classes come in handy and yes, livestream or in studio are better, but we are at the mercy of the internet.

We wait.....and wait..... I'm still here for you!!

Communicate with me in a kind way, I can get just as flustered as you.

We'll get through all of this.

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