...so June is a little bit different....

As some of you know, I've had nose bleeds and happy to say, hopefully all corrected.

The doctor noticed my septum....

As a teenager, I had septum surgery since I wasn't breathing well.

It obviously failed and here I am, 56 and....still not breathing like everyone else.

I went to an ENT on Monday, May 17, 2021 and we discussed my options in corrective surgery for my septum.

I am taking that option. June 7, 2021.



My classes, the studio, what happens?


I have come up with a plan!!!

I can not teach for 2 full weeks in order to heal & very limited time back to the studio after I'm released.

(the stints stay in for the first week)

PLUS - I need to get released from the doctor


I go into R&R again June 18, 19 & 20. ( I still need to get released to do that too)



Kindly remember to register and de-register for ALL of your classes.

All classes are prepaid online and no drop in's.

Masks upon entering and social distancing please.

Those of you who take private classes, I am in the process of contacting you.

No private classes those weeks, the last week in June I'm hoping to resume private.

Rather then shutting down those 2 weeks......

Kristen Lee (who I trained and trust) will teach 4 classes each week while I'm away!!!

Her name will show as instructor on the schedule.

I trust her.

I trained her.

She works full time and is able to help me out those 8 days.


Here is her bio.


I know you will be in great hands with her.

If you like her classes send me an email and tell me so and why.

The first week, I will NOT be able to answer calls, emails or text messages - I promise I will reply back when I am able.

I plan on putting one class on every other day for my week back.

Just like when I had my skin cancer and I didn't teach getting into the postures, I will do the same here.

All verbal and who knows....if you come to class you might be selected to be

the demo student!

I need to see how this goes before I go back to two classes a day and private classes.


The Schedule will be going out late this week for next week.

I am finalizing days/times with Kristen.

The schedule will be a bit off due to my pre-op that I need to take care of.

Classes will still be on but maybe the times might change.

I'm trying to keep it all 'as normal' as possible.

THANK YOU for your kindness


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