Staying Neutral

After binge watching Sex and the City this weekend I, we/you can start to see our life within those in the show. I know I did. I saw many sides of me, playing out in different scenario's.

For me this made me think, hence this blog.

I'm still watching it as I type out this blog. (in between commercials, lol) I think the thing that struct me most in S6 Ep14, again this is my perception: Are people who they say they really are? You see people besides on tv but in real life. They say who they are and are they?

Of coarse as my mind goes, I begin to analyze. What makes a yogi a real yogi? Sure, we should practice kindness, patience, being loving, etc. Can we be neutral in the most heightened of crisis's? I saw many yogi's, very popular and some not so popular, speak their mind because they felt everyone needed to know this year. Saying (yes I'm paraphrasing) that they are tired of holding back and need to speak their truth. Truth? Couldn't truth be a perception of reality? Their reality.

Which leaves me to ask, what is true? Because we say it is?

Is it proof of the positive and not enough evidence of the negative for it to be a lie?

Which leaves me to ask, is a person a yogi just because they practice or they teach yoga?

Or do we have to practice the kindness, the consideration, etc. Does it mean making others feel uncomfortable since I, you/we feel you need to know that person's truth?

What happened to being neutral?

The Yoga Sutra 4.7, “The Yogi acts in such a way that his actions cannot be classified as good or bad…. this is because the mind of the yogi is clarified through sadhana {practice} and thus he has no selfish motive underlying his actions.”

Swami Satchidananda

Shouldn't we find that middle road?

Can you call yourself a real yogi when inflicting harmful words onto others when you feel your truth needs to be spoken? Remember words can hurt.

Could COVID expose many people in seeing their other side?

"Sutras (thought-threads), at least 4,000 years old, cover the yogic teachings on ethics, meditation, and physical postures, and provide directions for dealing with situations in daily life."

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Can you go in the middle, can you be neutral?


Is it that important to make sure everyone knows your feelings no matter what?

Can you be neutral?

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