The Holidays & COVID

Who would of thought that this would have lasted this long?

Norm? What is it anymore? Can we ever go back to how we once were?

In time it will all reveal itself. We just have to wait and keep our Self healthy in the meantime.

Have you read the last blog about the price increase in January?

Or you can view it on Facebook on the Inhale Yoga Page (look for the logo!)

Inhale Yoga offers private classes - $70 for one hour (price increase in January 2021)

Private classes can be done thru ZOOM if you do not want to come to the studio.

Private classes are one on one with the class being customized to your health needs.

Staying at home keeping everyone safe but neglecting your Self in the process isn't healthy.

The schedule is put out one week in advance now.

Yes some class times are missing (6AM & 7PM) and it's due to the rigorous cleaning schedule for your HEALTHY practice.

Please read the studio and COVID etiquette pages on the website.

I can understand that no one has hours like they use to.

Hey, nothing is like it use to be but I'm open and here for you.

We just have to make a few changes in life right now.

THANK YOU all who are supporting Inhale Yoga!

I appreciate the kindness and understanding you are bringing me during this time. _/\_

Holiday Gift Giving

Inhale Yoga Offers gift certificates.

Give the gift of yoga.

Gift certificates now expire one year after purchase beginning in January.

All other gift certificates are not affected - if you purchased in 2015 & 2016 those have expired.

I felt that a few years is fair enough to give someone to use the certificate.

(Hint: in January those in 2017 will also expire - PLEASE use your certificates!)

Contact Ruth with any questions.

Eventually ALL gift certificates will expire within one year.

For those of you who purchased multiple to use, I know who you are and yours are not affected since your gift certificates are being perpetually used. for any questions.



Gifts by Mary is here for a limited time only.

Sterling silver, antique and vintage jewelry.

Amazing prices & great value.

(the photo is a stock photo and items are similar to it)

No refunds or exchanges.

After the holidays Mary's Gifts will be gone.

Private Shopping is available.

I close the studio for your shopping privacy. (and can be done thru zoom too!)

Cash, check or contactless payments (can be made thru square).

We must wear masks while shopping and observe the 6 feet distance for our health.

I have a few Lovetree Mala's still available with a few bracelets.

Rocks/crystals are also available.

I will ship within the US. You just pay for VA sales tax and priority shipping.

High value items will need additional insurance.

If you have seen me feature items on social media please contact me for availability


not all items are at the studio.

Having trouble signing up for classes?

My website doesn't seem to like Chrome, please change your browser.

You can also bypass the website in signing up for classes or for the listen option (available with any unlimited purchase option) by using this link:

​Copy and paste this link:

This link is also on the website at the TOP the Register/calendar page.


No excuses!

Let's get as healthy as we can, burn off extra energy, any extra weight we might have added, get our health back in order.

We might kick it up a bit more with the harder classes in January (yes, that's a hint folks!). Let's get back on track!





A premium air purifier runs 24/7 for everyone.

Please remember to clean your own mats at home, you may bring your own blanket for deep relaxation and any other supplies you want to use for class.

We got this!

Inhale Yoga LLC

6931 Commons Plaza

Chesterfield, VA 23832


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