The Journey

COVID-19 brought a huge rebuilding journey for me.

As a person and as a business.

I have been wanting to re-structure the classes, re-structure the schedule and my self.

This brought it right to my face and I had to restructure sooner then I wanted.

I did have a game plan already in place but it was extremely slow moving.

COVID jumped in & started it into full gear.

Sure, I wanted to blame the virus for everything that went 'wrong'.

In a way, this virus made us almost go on a retreat that we really didn't know we wanted to go on.

We had to find our self.

In finding your self many obstacles or life lessons got presented to us/me.

Some would pay to go to a monastery/retreat and find oneself.

Guess what?

Life came to us and did it ever!

We didn't have to look any further then in the mirror.

Forget about having to pay someone to teach us, we learned on our own,

as did I.

I knew my studio, my business, my practice wasn't something that I wanted to give up.

Yes, I thought about going back to a 9-5 job and what the heck would I do?

Who would hire an outspoken yogi, a hot mess?

But what I realized was this: students would message me...... ' thank you Ruth'....

some not so nice - some I broke connections with (we parted ways) and some with the most beautiful & encouraging words.

.....YOU kept me going.....

You purchased from me and helped me keep a roof over our heads.


It's what a business needs is to stay in business.

Like a home, it's costly.

I have said more times in blogs and emails thank you.

I know who those students are that keep the studio going.

I can't thank you enough but to make a person feel as if I am indebted to them is not correct. I didn't think that some would bring it up every time I saw them.

I was very unclear what they were seeking from me when this happened.

I still provided services to everyone via zoom and audio the whole time.

If your package option was different, I offered to many other options so you can practice at home. (at no additional cost)

You had the choice to take them or not.

I gave a lot of yoga mats, face masks and yoga away free.

I donated food, I donated money also to the organizations that needed it.

People don't talk about that, they talk about that I didn't have this class or that class for them.

Please look at the good that was created rather then being angry.

If you feel you need your name publicly announced that you help(ed) support Inhale Yoga LLC during the these trying times, let me know and I'll make a special blog naming you.

I want everyone to feel appreciated and if you feel you have not been, allow me to correct this.

Those words (of kindness) had a bigger impact on me then you realize.

It meant I was to continue on my journey.

I wasn't ready to pack it all in and call it quits due to a virus and do a 9-5 job.

I did more soul searching then you can imagine and have been brought down my former students words of why can't you do this or that?

Why? Why? I want.. I want...I want.

You left me!


I did no such thing.

My head would spin and physically I also had to adjust to my new life teaching from home.

I've said it before in past blogs and I'll say it again:

Sure, livestream is wonderful but I'm not a YouTube type teacher.

I love my in studio classes and I had to patiently wait like everyone else to resume going back to the studio. I want to continue livestream and audio as long as a have a decent following.

I watched as I lost over 60% of my students drop away.

I cried for days at times.

Cancelling memberships and trying to figure out how to make this all work with a smile on my face.

Some students even getting angry with me to say they were never coming back. (now think about that...... they blamed me for the virus and the guidelines as a business owner I HAVE to follow).

Their reasons were as vast as you can imagine.

I'm sorry.

I wish you peace.

This is MY studio.

Yes things were different in 2019.

No one saw this coming.

My schedule WILL change when 'normalcy' comes back.

I want the most out of MY life too.

I will not be a slave to my schedule.

I want to enjoy life just LIKE YOU!

There will be weeks when you'll see all kinds of classes and some weeks where there are minimal classes.

All students have the opportunity to 'get their monies worth' .

Take the classes offered.

Schedules like EVERY WHERE else changed.... mine has changed too.

Businesses will find out who can work from home and down size to accommodate those. While others will need to expand.

Either way, it's an adjustment.

I refuse to be taken for granted.

I will not tolerate the verbal abuse/joking.

I will not have students tell me I have abandoned them when I have been here all along. They don't like the schedule.

Did you realize when we were at home this time last year, I kept the SAME in studio schedule? Where did you go?

As students faded, some classes did too and when going back to the studio, the amount of cleaning to be done, I made choices.

Things will be different.

I do have feelings.

I am human and yes I take it to heart.

I also supported other small businesses like mine.

No one thinks you are a real person with feelings.

They think they can tell me what they want and poof it happens.

It's not happening anymore.

I will consider all requests but no demands.

I sacrificed like most business owners have during this pandemic.

The financial impact has been devastating to ALL businesses.

A few flourished - yea I'm glad someone did.

I also took retreat in finding who I was in this pandemic.

I learned and saw a lot during this time.

Think about it.

Hopefully we won't see another pandemic in our life time.

Can you say you got your self together in that time?

Can you say you made your self better and not bitter?

Can you say or treat this like a retreat and learned something about your self?

Did you try to move your self in the most positive direction?

As I talk to some people I realized that some haven't changed a bit.

Some got angrier.

I saw sides of people that I don't ever want to see again.

I am restructuring my business as if it was new.

I have to.

I will rebuild.

Some students will not be back for various reasons.

(I'm glad I won't get yelled at/or vividly expressed opinions again or emailed nasty emails.)


Ok you supported the restaurants and gained lots of weight.

No motivation and you won't leave the house or you go from work to home.

You can only help your self.

As I restructure, you restructure.

Take a class when you can, get your head back on your shoulders and we both take baby steps in bringing our self back to new.

Private classes are available - You're worth it.

If you are a business on Rt. 10 within 5-10 miles of the studio, we can actually make arrangements that I come there!

Yes - it's always been an option. (just costs a bit more)

We can rebuild!

Just like the Six Million Dollar Man (yes I just dated myself).

We can rebuild.

Like Lee Majors had to learn how to do everything all over again, so can we.


Some women business owners feel the same way.

If you're a woman owned business maybe I haven't talked to you.

Talk to me.

You might feel a little bit better.

I don't have all the answers but idea's.

We can bounce some new ideas back and forth to get you motivated and going again.


This is actually something I have done in the past - I have a contract the owners would sign and I got paid thousands of dollars to help you get your self back.

This is ALL FREE until the end of summer 2021.

If we bring each other up one at a time, reach back and grab someone else to bring up.

Mentor another business owner struggling just to keep a thought in their head.