The Nose

It has been one of more interesting times of life I must say.

When you come to class this week, I'll explain just in case you don't read your blog posts or forget.


What happened now?

Oh good gravy, if life has to happen, it finds me!

Why not?

I am human and experience the same as everyone else in this world.

January 8 - I had a nose bleed.

2 wonderful students, Kristen & Kishon helped me get it under control and I was able to teach my class. (hey, that's how I roll - lol!)

I had another one, Wednesday, Cinco de Mayo night after class (at home)


Went to Patient First the next day for a nitrate stick treatment to help stop the bleeding


Had another one the next day after my AM class (at home again)

Off to an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat MD) this past Friday.

I go back to see him on the 17th to hopefully cauterize it, in the meantime, I have to stand and teach (just like when I did when I had skin cancer on my arm)

No biggie.

His instructions.

It has to heal or try to heal.

I have beside me my goodie bag of 'stuff' to help mend me incase an incident happens in class.

(I'll be good - I promise - nothing gross hopefully will happen)

Life happens to everyone.

No one is exempt from it.

We change as we age and our bodies have to adjust to life.

I'm adjusting to life...yet again.

If anything changes on the 17th, anyone signed up for class will be emailed and as always....

if you bought a class or a package of classes I will always extend out the time I take off for you too.

I find full disclosure to students helps them understand what is going on and why things might have changed for the class schedule and me.

Hiding from reality, what is going on and dealing with the public - I'd rather have you know then not know.

This is why I use the blog portion of my website.

It documents and you can always go back and re-read them.

The newsletters are either deleted by you or left unread and they go off to internet land.

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I will hopefully have a guest on soon.

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