The Teacher Becomes the Student.

Today started out pretty normal I would say.

Nothing strange.

I had my first class at 8AM and my second scheduled at 11AM...or so I thought.

This AM I had a incident with my nose.

It wouldn't stop bleeding as I messaged my students I might have to cancel class.

The students were already in the parking lot!

YIKES!!! BUT....when I asked for her to come in, she knew what to do with my nose.

Her hubby ran into action and grabbed ice for me too.

My students taught me how to take care of it.

I am so lucky that they signed up for class today.

My hero's!!

I'm ok.

I really am.

I am just grateful I didn't have to run the patient first or the ER to control this mess I had on my hands....literally.

I eventually had class and it all worked out well.

You never know when you will learn a new skill.


As often as I tell students we need to learn and no worries, they taught me the same today.

No worries and I learned how to control my nose acting up.

I learned there are way more uses for some hygiene products then I thought.

lol and seriously! 🤣

I learned that kindness springs into action when we needed it the most.

Random acts of kindness!

I just know who my kindness givers are today, how lucky am I?

Their hearts opened up and they didn't hesitate a bit.

Be willing to learn and open to learning.

You never know who will come to save you when you need help!

Have I told you I have the most amazing students?

I have thee most amazing students!

I am lucky!

I am humbled and thank you!

Please remember acts of kindness speak volumes.

Be kind because you never know your impact on someone or the world.

Namaste _/\_

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