The Waiting Room

We hang out, we chill and wait in a room..... The waiting room.

Yes, there is A LOT of information about Zoom. It's flooding the news stations, the internet and the stories are overwhelming - opinion's about zoom and their security.

Inhale Yoga has been with Zoom for only about a month now. In this short time, it has increased it security into gaining access into others meeting rooms. I have been completely impressed on how well & fast they are moving to secure all of our yoga classes.

Many of the Inhale Students know I use this option and have sent me countless articles on Zoom and why it's so dangerous or why it is the best option.

I am trying to ensure your practice is a safe practice if you want to join me LIVESTREAM.

Classes are locked after I approve of each person in 'The Waiting Room'. When you log into Tula from my website: , you are given access to the class (wait there's more).

You must be a monthly unlimited or multi month student for unlimited access to audio and livestream classes anyways. You can't just sign up for one class while we have this pandemic going on (sorry folks!). This is why the single class payment option and the 4 classes for $45 is gone for now. This is the Tula software design.

Tula takes security very serious, as well as Zoom. Hackers will stop at nothing if they really want to make our lives miserable. Let's face it, they are bored at home too.

After you click on your link to take you to zoom, you are sent to a waiting room. I will grant you access to class and the class is LOCKED so no one further can get in. Classes start on time - just like when we had classes at the studio.

I look to see:

Do I know you?

Have you registered for class thru Tula? (and I check everyone in as I go)

Only then will I give you access to enter into class.

If you register with zoom under another name and I'm not familiar with that name, no access given!!!

Again, this is for you & your classmates protection.

I do everything on my end. You just register, go to your calendar with yourself logged in and you'll see: View Broadcast. Click on it, that is your access link to class.

You have to register for class first to see this option.

You have the option to Listen to audio classes if you want and take class that way. You log into your Tula account via, and click on 'listen'. That is your link to audio. Why do not all classes have audio? Chair classes will not have audio, since it's a specialty class. Other classes, sometimes happens. I am recording from home and for example yesterday had more retakes due to my fur children acting up, outside noises, etc. It is impossible to find a perfectly quiet spot to record at times. Yesterday was one of 'those days'. I gave up. I was frustrated on getting 30 minutes into a class with many interruptions and gave up. We all have days like that. Sorry, but I am only human.

I appreciate your concerns and emails regarding all of my choices. I am trying hard to remain educated on things as they happen giving you a great yoga class and remaining on top of Tula & Zoom changes and education thru them.

We need to remember we can get more sensitive to life as we are isolated, feeling under stress and watching multitudes of media.

Moods can change and shift quickly and the next thing you know I am reading an email with.....harsh sounding tones & words. (emails, texts have no emotion - choose words carefully or wait a day to email me)

WE ARE ALL GOING THRU THIS! Everyone is feeling it after weeks of being at home.

We got this!

We really do!

P.S. I am on R&R this weekend. Friday - Sunday. You can still contact me, I'll either be in my living room, front yard, back yard...ohhhh the choices I'll have. Find the humor in life!! _/\_ It's how we'll make it thru. I'm here for you! _/\_

Namaste _/\_

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