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The Year in Review Blog

Happy New Year!

WHAT a year!

Not everything has been bad or awful.

It really hasn't.

It has personally taught me to learn more really fast


master it along the way (quickly).

I never thought at the beginning of this year I would be teaching classes on Zoom

(in my dining room...again!)

Heck, I never heard of Zoom until the pandemic


try to figure out how to use it


teach others how to use it!

I never thought I would be doing audio classes....until the pandemic.

(I still forget sometimes to turn it ON🙄 - I'm human and love me for who I am PLEASE)

I never saw me going to students houses and teaching yoga in their front yard.

Ok so the pandemic has taught me more that just that.

I learned a lot more patience with myself.

My life coaching certifications, my mindfulness certifications, etc. ALL came into play this year.

I guess 2019 certifications really prepared me for the next year (2020).

Who would of known?

Retail..... at this time there will be no more retail at the studio.

The glass cases are empty and have been sold.

I am strictly yoga just like before.

Back to basic's for Ruth.

Keep it simple.


Just yoga!

Back to the year in review.




I have learned I am stronger then what I thought.

This storm isn't over - I just got a bigger umbrella, rain boots and raincoat.


We as a studio.

We as in US - can make it through.




I've lost many along the way for one reason or another.

I'm here for you when life allows you to make your way back.

New students are slowly finding their way to me


We now know we can do yoga at home.

I've seen students in their living rooms, hallways, in their closets, offices, on their porch...ANYWHERE they can get their practice in.

THANK YOU for sticking with me and keeping your health a number one priority.


For keeping our minds focused on breathing since sometimes that one hour

is the ONLY hour

we have, where our world is perfectly balanced.

We make it work.

We hit the mat.

We all bring to the mat something different each time.

In 2021 - I promise to you:

- I will do my best to keep us open, running whether online, thru audio or at the studio.


Some days we are barely hanging on.

You're still hanging on!

Hang on.

I'm an email away, a text message away or a call away.

There are times when situations, problems or life is beyond my scope of skills.

PLEASE reach out to the appropriate professionals.

There is nothing to be ashamed of.

It's ok.

It's ok.....to be human.

This is our first pandemic and....hopefully our last.




I want to THANK those who made donations to the studio.


I APPRECIATE YOU and ALL that you are doing for the studio and me.


I can't thank you enough and my heart is overwhelmed with the love I have felt.




I took a HUGE breath in as I typed that to be honest.

(and the exhale was just as long)


that step we take moving forward is a blind step.

A true leap of faith.

See you in 2021





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