This, that and other things.

This, that and other things:

My COVID-19 vaccine, 2nd dose went well.

Glad it's done and over with.

I had to cancel only one Monday night class and all of Tuesday (after my Monday AM dose)

Fully vaccinated.

It was my choice to do so and there is no judgement on those who choose not to.

Everyone has a choice.

You follow what's best for you and your health.



Signing up for classes.

You WILL get an email from Tula Software when you sign up for a class.

That email has your de-registration link in it.

If you can not make the class, PLEASE de-register.

When you de-register this allows a space to open up for someone else.


(sorry but I have to figure these things out - until then...)

I have to come to some conclusion when no one signs up for class.


- The style of class isn't working

-The time slot isn't working

- You go elsewhere

- We're not a fit

- Or no reason and you just didn't feel like it.

But if no one signs up for class AT LEAST an hour before, I will close the class out.

That means, it's been cancelled.

Registration last minute might mean there is no class.

I will eventually take that class off of the schedule.

I am allowing approx. good month to pass by before I do this.

Some classes are test classes.

I am checking to see if anyone wants to come to a certain style of class or time slot.

The new policy is: if no one signs up for class at least one hour before class


you have contacted me somehow at least an hour prior to class),

I will cancel that class.

That also means no audio.

Livestream: I would like to teach for a few students and the same goes with this.

If you are signed up for class and I don't have at least a few signed up for livestream I will cancel it ONLY based on no one coming to the studio class.

In a nutshell, In studio: If have 'in studio' students, livestream is on no matter how many sign up.

Only livestream - I am hoping for at least a few students to sign up for me to have class (and the above new policy is in place here also.)

MY time is valuable also, just like yours.

If you have a better idea, I'm all ears


please stay positive when messaging me.

Studio policies can change at anytime - Nothing is set in stone.



We can at times need to have some encouragement from a friend.

This friend can encourage you to come to classes.

You know you'll feel better.

You know I offer private classes.

You know I don't care about how you look or if you gained or lost weight from covid.

You know I want you healthy and happy.

Find a friend or your spouse and bring them to class.

A single class is $18.

It's time for you.

We get our heads back on straight, laugh maybe after falling out of a pose, and just over all feel good about our self and life again after a class.

Encourage someone to come to class with you.

Maybe they might join you more often too.

New student packages are available.

(anyone can buy them whether you are a new student or not)


Trying something new

I said in COVID I will do and try some new things.

I brought back learning how to knit.

I taught myself about livestream and audio classes.

I learned about grants, covid and how to balance a business in a pandemic.

I got more online education and posted my new certifications on social media

(Instagram and Facebook)

I offered FREE yoga to those in my neighborhood and did giveaways for livestream classes.

I also began podcasting.

I am not on a popular platform, I haven't posted it on social media as to where to find me and I'm not called Inhale Yoga or Ruth.

I am seeing how many organic followers I can find.


I wanted to try something new.

I wanted to learn how to podcast and maybe see if it's worth paying for it each month.

(it's free to you)

I don't do yoga classes.

I talk.

I've done 2 publicly posted podcasts so far.

Lots of trial and lots of deleted podcasts. 😁😁😁

Hey! I've had ONE VIEW!!

Woohoo. No clue if they thought it bites or it was good.

If you are interested in doing a podcast with me on a yoga or life topic, message me.

If you are a yoga teacher, studio owner join me and we'll chat in the podcast.

My super investigators might be able to find me out there. 😎

(P.S. I use nothing 'Inhale Yoga' related to the podcast, including a new email address I made)

Hint: ok this might give it away though.....😆

There is a Facebook page I made for it last week.

Can you find me?

See you ALL in class.

Registration is open for this weeks classes


each week a new schedule is posted somewhere between Tuesday - Thursday.

(Why somewhere? I am normally waiting to hear back from some folks about booking private classes - if no one takes the Wednesday night evening slot I put a public class there in it's place.)

Private classes are available.

Energy (Reiki) sessions are available.