Time for a Change

I posted on social media a few days ago regarding changing the evening Thursday night classes. I had wonderful responses

Thank you.

Changes don't meant they last forever - but as an owner I sometimes have to move things around for various reasons.

I try as hard as I could to make everyone happy.

I came up with this schedule change starting next week. Today is Thursday 2//6/20 and today's classes will remain the same. Next week, 2/13 will start the change.

This is for Thursday nights only!

No other classes are expected to change.

The 5:30PM Class will remain a harder class but instead of a Vinyasa 60 it will be a Vinyasa/Hatha Class.

The 7:00PM class was a Hatha 60, this class will change to a Gentle Hatha 1. This still gives you a hatha but with a slightly zesty element to the class. The class will have a slight edge to it like all of the other classes marked with a '1' after it.

The changes are already on the electronic calendar (to sign up for class) but not on the pdf online. Please note and share this email with your friends and on social media.

Change is good and sometimes needs to happen. it doesn't mean it's forever.


and thank you for your continued support!


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